Contract Resources (NZ) Ltd chooses dbForge SQL Complete and delivers solutions 2.5x faster

Contract Resources (NZ) Ltd

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Contract Resources (NZ) Ltd (the Company) is a company operating in the Oil and Gas sector. The scope is performing scheduled maintenance of oil refineries, and the goal is to deliver cutting-edge software solutions that match the continually changing business requirements.
New Zealand
Product used

Challenges faced

One of the basic problems was working with stored procedures and views. SSMS that was in operation lacked the required functionality and user-friendliness. That's why the specialists wanted to find another solution providing them with the necessary features, more intuitive and more straightforward.

After undertaking due diligence review of systems and needs, the IT team chose the Devart SQL Complete software to use with SSMS. Easy to use, with a clean and responsive UI and regular updates delivering bug fixes and enhancements, SQL Complete became the ultimate solution for the Company’s needs.

Writing stored procedures for databases with a large number of objects.
Authoring views in a faster and more straightforward way.
Getting a comprehensive solution to improve the overall performance.
SQL Complete makes writing T-SQL significantly easier than trying to operate without it... the environment missing SQL Complete feels far less polished. SQL Complete completes SSMS."
Dave Mitchell
Dave Mitchell
General IT Manager

Results achieved

Faster SQL code writing
Performance boost

The Company has noted a significant improvement in performance at once. Preparing the stored procedures that were a tedious task before became much simpler. Auto-completion and formatting features boosted all routines and simplified working experiences with tables and views.

All task performances got faster and smoother than before applying SQL Complete. As a result, the delivery of the solutions now takes far less time than before.

Key Features Contract Resources (NZ) Ltd is excited about

SQL Code Completion

A wide variety of options for working with SQL code helps to write scripts much more accurately and speed up the performance. SQL snippets, suggesting the statements and highlighting the necessary syntax fragment let the developers focus on the essence in a comfortable and organized environment.

SQL Code Formatting

The feature helps to improve the code readability and organize the work. Formatting profiles with numerous fine-tuning options save the developers’ time. Besides, it ensures matching the company’s standards while writing a new code or editing existing scripts. Specific settings allow bulk formatting or disabling it for particular code sections.

T-SQL Refactoring

The functionality allows naming and renaming the database objects and variables. With every change, it tracks and adjusts all references to such renamed items automatically. A convenient user interface makes all refactoring jobs more straightforward.

dbForge SQL Complete

Advanced IntelliSense-style code completion add-in

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