Learn more about dbForge Data Compare for SQL Server

Bring your data comparison and synchronization to a whole new level. Find the best practices data compare and sync and see dbForge Data Compare for SQL Server in use.


A brief introduction to the dbForge Data Compare tool

Get acquainted with the powerful SQL data comparison tool by Devart.

SQL Data Compare: Diff and sync SQL Server databases

Learn how dbForge Data Compare can help you quickly compare and deploy database contents.

Automate and schedule data sync from the Command Line

See how you can automate the comparison and sync of SQL Server database data within your DevOps.

How-to Articles

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To get started quickly, take a look at these guides:

Get started with the SSMS add-in

Learn how to start working with dbForge Data Compare for SQL Server that gives you an ideal opportunity to compare and sync data with many useful features.

Set data sources for comparison

Find out how to start a new comparison project, learn about the types of data source Data Compare can work with and how to set them.

View the comparison results

Read to find information on how to view the comparison table and manipulate the comparison results: sort, filter, expand and collapse object groups.

Deploy changes

Here's all you need to know about deploying data changes, which are usually a major source of risk and delay when performing database deployments.

Use the command line

Learn how to schedule or automate data comparison or synchronization with the help of Data Compare, a task scheduler tool, and a PowerShell script.

dbForge Data Compare

Powerful, fast, and easy-to-use data comparison utility