View and Read SQL Server Transaction Log Data

dbForge Transaction Log for SQL Server is a powerful transaction log reader tool and .ldf file viewer. With its help, you can view and analyze SQL Server transaction logs and recover data from them. The tool provides detailed information about all data changes in your database and gives you the ability to revert unwanted transactions on different levels depending on your current needs.

  • Replay and rollback SQL Server database transactions
  • Revert selected tables to a specific point in time
  • Get detailed information about logins
  • Export transactions into SQL files
  • Audit changes in the table's data
  • View the data change history
  • Recover deleted records

What does the tool help with?

Data Auditing

Data auditing

The Transaction Log reader tool will help you get detailed information about changes in your SQL Server databases. You can track who committed the changes, what exactly has been changed as a result, and when these changes occurred. The full history of data changes will also be available - from the point this particular data was originally inserted to all succeeding updates or deletion.

Row-Level Recovery

Row-level recovery

Restoring entire databases or even tables can sometimes lead to data loss as unwanted changes often affect very small sections of your database. Transaction Log allows you to revert changes with high precision, down to row level. With this ability, you can secure data which may be otherwise lost even at object-level recovery.

Disaster Recovery

Disaster recovery

After successfully identifying the information about undesired changes, you'll want to restore the database to the pre-change state. Identify and isolate rogue transactions and easily reverse them to repair affected data and prevent further data loss on different levels.

Point in Time Recovery

Point in time recovery

Revert the state of the database to a specific point in time at which it was stable. You can also select specific tables for restoration so that others won't be affected by rollback scripts.

Add Data and Log Files

Add .mdf, .ldf, and .ndf files

Easily retrieve DML (Data Manipulation Language) operations like INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE from data files, secondary data files, and log files.

Export to SQL

Export to SQL

After the script is generated, you can either run it right away or export it to a SQL document which gives you an ability to execute it at a later time.

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