Compare Diffs and Sync Table Data in PostgreSQL

dbForge Data Compare for PostgreSQL is a tool for table data comparison and synchronization. When using our PostgreSQL data compare tool you can detect data differences in compared PostgreSQL tables. You can also generate data synchronization script and execute it to eliminate all these differences.

Using our diff tool you can:

  • Identify the differences between two databases
  • Compare separate tables or table groups by table name mask
  • Compare tables with different structure
  • Generate a report embodying data diff and save it for further analysis
  • Sync data in tables and views in full or in part
  • Generate SQL script for database synchronization
  • Organize database synchronization according to the schedule

Explore the differences between two databases

Comparison results are displayed in a convenient UI, easy for review differences, and further analysis and synchronization. You can select what objects to show: objects with different or identical records, and how they will be shown - only in source or only in target records.

Compare tables with different structure

The tool automatically maps objects that you want to compare: tables, views, columns, and schemas. You can change the default mapping to map tables with different names and structure.

Custom query comparison

You can compare an actual table with its query result. You may also specify a WHERE clause expression to prevent undesired rows being compared.

Generate comparison report

dbForge Data Compare for PostgreSQL provides a possibility to view results of data comparison in the form of a report. You can choose a form of a report: Excel or HTML, and also select objects you want to report.

Synchronize table data fully or partly

Just select the data to synchronize in the grid with comparison results. Set output options to manage synchronization script and click synchronize. The synchronization script will appear in a split second.

Generate synchronization script

dbForge Data Compare for PostgreSQL automatically generates errorless synchronization script. You can execute generated script to synchronize databases, or save the script to a file.

Schedule database comparison

You can use Windows Task Scheduler to create and manage synchronization tasks that your computer will carry out automatically at the times you specify.

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