Generate Large Datasets of Oracle Test Data

dbForge Data Generator for Oracle is a small but mighty GUI tool for populating Oracle schemas with tons of realistic test data. With extensive collection of basic and meaningful generators for various data types, flexible customization options, templates for creating your own generators, the tool delivers flawless data generation (including random number generation) in a well-designed user interface.

How It Works

1. Select tables to generate random data for.

2. Select a sample data generator and adjust generation properties.

3. Click the Populate button and get the result!

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Huge Range of Generators

190+ data generators to populate Oracle tables with the most commonly used data types

Basic Data Generators


Populate tables with various types of values using basic generators such as Python, Reg Exp, Lorem Ipsum, Text File, Files Folder, Weighted List, and many others.

Business Data Generator


Emulate data of a company's database with departments, industry sectors, IMO, SEDOL, NAICS, and ISIC Rev4.

Health Data Generator


Create exhaustive test data related to health care, in particular, drug names, diagnoses and procedures, drug codes, etc.

IT Data Generator


Generate realistic data associated with information technology, including IPv4 and IPv6 addresses, as well as MAC addresses, file extensions, file names, file paths, and others.

Location Data Generator


Generate country-specific data for real localized values, such as first names (female and male), last names, addresses, streets, cities, phones (USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, Australia).

Payment Data Generator


Fill payment-related tables with credit card details, currencies, VATID, IBAN, SWIFT-BIC, ABA RTN codes, and more.

Person Data Generator


Create large volumes of personal data from names and emails to honorific prefixes, job titles, and social security numbers.

Product Data Generator


Generate data for product tables with such attributes as product names, descriptions, categories, shipping methods, sizes, weights, colors and more.

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