How I Computer Solutions found a perfect replacement for SSMS and increased staff productivity by 25%

I Computer Solutions

About the customer

I Computer Solutions is a software development company. Established in 2005, it offers quality software, hardware, and networking services. The company is staffed with experienced specialists who deliver services according to the highest standards.

Challenges faced

The company specializes in delivery of software and hardware solutions. Their work processes involve usage of multiple databases. At one point, they realized that they needed more efficient tools and libraries to ensure further growth.

The default SQL Server Management Studio that they used was not enough - the company needed a more functional and user-friendly solution. Their primary goals included a boost of productivity and richer customization for SQL Server and Azure SQL tasks. This was exactly what they got with dbForge Studio for SQL Server.

SQL Server Management Studio had to be replaced with a tool that would offer more flexibility and a wider set of features.
The executives wanted to continue working with the existing database architecture yet simplify product maintenance.
The final challenge was to achieve a boost of productivity and performance at all stages by integrating a new database tool.
"It is a replacement on steroids for SQL Server Management Studio - more user-oriented, far productive tool than we have used before. We are still in awe, every day we discover new features, we still did not find after 2 something years a feature missing."
Catalin Gheorghiu
Catalin Gheorghiu
Founder, CTO and Lead Solution Architect

Results achieved

Efficiency at daily tasks
Staff productivity

dbForge Studio for SQL Server proved to be the tool that I Computer Solutions were looking for. It delivers all the features of SSMS that everyone is used to and much more - for instance, schema comparison and synchronization features are valuable for most users.

The CI/CD approach adopted by the company reaped tangible benefits from source control integration, unit testing, schema comparison, and script generation provided by dbForge.

dbForge Studio for SQL Server fully replaced SSMS and added a lot more power to the functionality. When it came to daily performance, the staff became 20% more efficient and 25% more productive.

Key features Catalin is excited about

Advanced Tools for Schema and Data Comparison

This feature makes it possible to sync data on workstations with different SQL Server editions and between the databases with no permanent connection. It helps you analyze all changes easily, step by step, using a convenient visual interface.

Linking Databases to Source Control

dbForge Studio offers support for the most widespread version control systems and makes it easy to link SQL databases with them effortlessly. It also helps to resolve conflicts and update working copies with the latest changes in no time.

Query Profiler

This visual tool helps to tune up query performance, and it was designed to make the work of database specialists more efficient and convenient. It also is of great help when you need to check the cost of each query, relate it to the total batch cost, and optimize your SQL code to cut costs.

dbForge Studio for SQL Server

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