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How to install dbForge Studio for SQL Server

After installation, the dbForge Studio for SQL Server icon appears on the desktop.

Unless activated, dbForge Studio for SQL Server works on the trial basis for 30 days. When this time period expires, the product must be activated with the purchased activation key. To check the current status of your trial period or the status of your license, on the dbForge Studio menu, go to Help, and then click About.

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dbForge Studio for SQL Server: Introductory Tutorial

Get started with an all-in-one GUI tool for developing, managing, and maintaining SQL Server databases.

How to create data report using dbForge Studio

Learn how to create a simple SQL data report using SQL Reporting Tools of dbForge Studio.

How to use connection categories in dbForge Studio

Learn about the Document Category feature that allows assigning a color and shape to the server connection.

Session restore in dbForge Studio SQL Server

Watch the video to find out how to restore database files with dbForge Studio for SQL Server.

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dbForge Studio for SQL Server

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