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How to install dbForge Studio for SQL Server

After installation, the dbForge Studio for SQL Server icon appears on the desktop.

Unless activated, dbForge Studio for SQL Server works on the trial basis for 30 days. When this time period expires, the product must be activated with the purchased activation key. To check the current status of your trial period or the status of your license, on the dbForge Studio menu, go to Help, and then click About.

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Core functionality of dbForge Studio for SQL Server

Database development tools: Design
dbForge Studio for SQL Server boasts an advanced SQL Editor that provides context-sensitive code-completion, allows creating and inserting code snippets, and performs instant syntax check, helping you write faster, cleaner code.
Query Builder that comes with dbForge Studio for SQL Server is designed to significantly simplify SQL development tasks. Drag-and-drop tables or views onto a digram, manage relationships between them, create subqueries, and generate complex SQL statements without writing a line of code.
SQL Debugger is a beneficial feature of dbForge Studio for SQL Server bound to take away the pain of finding errors in T-SQL scripts, stored procedures, triggers, and functions. The Studio allows performing debugging right in the IDE and takes care of step-by-step execution, call stack browsing, breakpoints, and watches making the process quick and easy.
Beautify SQL code instantly and convert it into readable and comprehensible scripts. dbForge Studio for SQL Server comes with a bunch of built-in formatting profiles—select the one to your liking or create your own custom profile.
Database Management tool
dbForge Studio incorporates a fast and accurate SQL Server schema comparison and deployment tool that allows finding diffs in database schemas, backups, database snapshots, script folders, and database schemas stored in source control.
dbForge Studio features an in-built tool for comparing and deploying SQL Server database data. Comprehensive wizards quickly take the user through the data comparison and synchronization steps and allow customizing the processes to even the most demanding project requirements.
dbForge Studio for SQL Server has an extremely handy feature to offer—Copy Database allowing for quick and safe database migration between servers.
Generate comprehensive database documentation easily in one of the three most popular formats—HTML, PDF, or Markdown—and keep track of database changes for audit purposes or other.
dbForge Studio for SQL Server offers an industry-standard tool for populating databases with realistic and interrelated data that is invaluable for testing data-driven applications.
Two lightweight but powerful tools for easy database data manipulation allowing migrating SQL data to and from the most widely-used data formats in just a few clicks. Transferring data between databases has never been easier.
Database management solutions: Maintenance
dbForge Studio incorporates an effective monitoring tool that is important not only for maintaining databases and analyzing overall SQL Server performance but also for preventing costly system failures and delays.
Two essential DBA tools that allow preventing data loss or corruption, ensuring data availability, and migrating databases between servers.
A powerful performance tracing tool designed to capture events on a SQL Server database instance and monitor server activity.
An invaluable tool for dealing with index fragmentation. Index Manager allows collecting and analyzing index fragmentation statistics, detecting databases that require maintenance and quickly fixing index fragmentation issues.
dbForge Studio for SQL Server is supplied with a powerful SQL administration functionality that allows creating accounts and logins, assigning SQL Server security roles, as well as granting and revoking permissions on objects.
Database software tools: Data analysis
A powerful and dynamic data analysis tool allowing you to quickly process, summarize, and analyze large amounts of data visually without having to write complex queries.
A mighty tool for data reporting and analysis with a handy and intuitive dashboard designed to create accurate and customizable SQL reports.
A smart tool designed for viewing, analyzing, and editing database objects linked together with foreign keys or user-defined relationships.
Database management solutions: Collaboration
An indispensable tool for tracking and managing database changes in all popular source control systems without having to leave the IDE.
A cutting-edge DevOps tool allowing for embracing database DevOps automation and management approaches and setting up database Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery.
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