Query Builder Tool for SQL Server

Query builder for SQL Server is a tool for visual designing any queries you need. Using this SQL query tool, you can easily build SELECT statements with multiple tables, joins, conditions, and subqueries without manually typing the code. Query builder is well integrated with other application features.

Build queries quickly, using only the mouse

To create a query, you need to:

  • Drag-and-drop tables from the Database Explorer onto the query diagram area
  • Select required table columns to include them into SELECT
  • Drag a column from one table shape to another, to establish a connection between tables
  • Add WHERE and HAVING conditions if needed, using the visual condition editor

A query is ready to be executed.

How to Create a Query

Visualize complex queries

Visual query diagram allows you to quickly identify important features of a query that would take much longer if you were working from the underlying SQL text. Visualization focuses on three basic entities:

  • Tables and views
  • Subqueries, at arbitrary levels of nesting
  • Links, connecting combinations of tables and subqueries

To navigate between tables and their connections on a database diagram you can use:

  • Document outline window that shows the logical structure of the currently opened SQL document.
  • Diagram overview window that allows you to get a better overview of large diagrams.
Navigation in a Diagram

Work with different query types

Query builder allows you to work with different query types:

  • SELECT - to create queries with the SELECT operator
  • INSERT RESULTS and INSERT VALUES - to create queries with the INSERT INTO operator
  • UPDATE - to update a single record or multiple records in a table
  • DELETE - to delete records from the selected table

The current query type is displayed in the left upper part of any query document. You can quickly change the query type, by selecting the Change type list on the toolbar or the Change type item in the shortcut menu of the document.

Edit JOINS and WHERE conditions visually

When retrieving data, you may want to set up a filtering expression between tables. You can select table columns and conditions in a visual mode to add them into a query. The visual condition editor allows you to:

  • Edit JOINS visually
  • Edit WHERE and HAVING clauses
  • Group and Sort resulting data
Visual Condition Editor

Work with subqueries

Query Builder supports subqueries for all SELECT statement clauses. Each subquery can have its own subqueries. When you create a new subquery, it opens in a separate tab of the same document. Thus, you can navigate subqueries easily. The Parent Query button allows you to go to the upper-level query quickly.

Integration with other application features

This query tool for SQL Server also allows you to:

  • Create queries promptly, right from the Database Explorer
  • Build a query execution plan right from a query document
  • Edit query in-place within a long script, or the CREATE VIEW statement
  • Export query results to an external file
  • Send a query to the Report Designer