Database Design and Modeling tool for SQL Server

dbForge Studio for SQL Server incorporates a powerful Database designer tool that allows producing a detailed data model of a database containing all physical database entities and storage parameters needed to generate a design. Our Database Relationship Diagrams Tool can boast a comprehensive interface built around the simplicity of drag and drop. Designed for developers, DBAs, and data analysts, Database Modeler functionality combines Database Diagram, Database Editor, and Table Designer utilities to help you painlessly perform various database tasks from the database structure visualization to trigger configuration.

Design Database Structure

Database Diagram is the ultimate data modeling tool, allowing you to visually design new databases and analyze the structure of the existing ones. With the Database Diagram functionality, you can design your database at both logical and physical level by:

  • Dragging and dropping database objects from Database Explorer directly to a diagram
  • Tracking logical relations between tables
  • Printing out large SQL database diagrams
  • Exporting a database diagram to an image
  • Creating and editing database objects on a diagram.
SQL database schema design tool - create database diagram

Create and edit databases

dbForge Database Editor is a database structure design tool that helps simplify the database designing process by giving the possibility to easily create and configure new SQL databases, or quickly modify the existing ones. The Editor provides a simple way to :

  • Add and modify database files
  • Manage filegroups
  • Configure database options
  • View the database DDL.
Database modelling tool - dbForge Database Editor

Design and manage database tables

Database Table Design Tool is a visual database design tool that will help you create and modify the structure of your tables. With Table Editor, you will focus on database modeling rather coding as it lets to easily:

  • Create and edit columns, indexes, primary and foreign keys, check constraints, statistics, triggers, table storage properties
  • Edit table data
  • Navigate through visual editor and T-SQL editor synchronously.
dbForge database modeling software - Table editor

Working with database relations

With dbForge Studio for SQL Server, you can create a many-to-many relationship between tables in a database quickly and effortlessly. Without writing a single line of code, you can use Studio's tools for database design to:

  • Create both physically existing foreign key relations and virtual relations
  • Create junction tables in the wink of an eye
  • Manage relations painlessly
  • Delete and editing relations
  • Display relation comments.
MS SQL database design tool - create relationships