Database Designer for SQL Server

dbForge Studio for SQL Server provides a set of definitive visual database tools designed to simplify and improve database modeling. The Database Designer functionality comprises of Database Diagram, Database Editor, and Table Designer, that ensure you have everything you need for fast and effective completion of database design tasks from visualization of the entire database structure to configuration of a trigger.

Design Database Structure

Database Diagram is the ultimate database modeling tool, allowing to visually design a new database and analyze structure of existing databases. With Database Diagram, you can:

  • Drag and drop database objects from Database Explorer directly to diagram.
  • Track logical relations between tables
  • Print out large SQL database diagrams
  • Export database diagram to image
  • Create and edit database objects on a diagram
SQL Server Database Diagram

Create and Edit Databases

With dbForge Database Editor, you can easily create and configure a new SQL database, or quickly edit an existing one.

The Editor allows you to:
  • Add and modify database files
  • Manage filegroups
  • Configure database options
  • View the database DDL
SQL Server Database Editor

Design and Manage Database Tables

Table Designer is a visual database tool that will help you to create and modify structure of your tables. With Table Editor, you can:
  • Create and edit columns, indexes, primary and foreign keys, check constraints, statistics, triggers, table storage properties
  • Edit table data
  • Navigate through visual editor and T-SQL editor synchronously
  • Rebuild tables without losing its data
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