SQL Server Report Builder

Save time and resources while generating insightful SQL data reports on an intuitive and visual dashboard of the Report Builder tool. The different features and options of the Report Builder tool enable you to easily handle and manipulate your data, and make the report creation and data analysis simpler and more efficient.

dbForge Studio for SQL Server provides the powerful data reporting and analyzing tool - Report Builder - that can be used to automate and accelerate the creation of accurate and customizable SQL reports in the easy-to-understand interface.

  • Create any kind of reports, including simple, data-aware, and master-detail reports
  • Easily customize and take a full control over each stage of report creation with Data Source, Document Outline, Group and Sort, and Toolbox windows
  • Support for multiple exporting file formats
  • Calculate summaries and analyze huge volumes of data using Pivot Tables
  • Support for a rich set of customizable formating, data, structure, and reporting options
  • Automate the report creation with the command-line interface

SQL Data Reports Overview

In dbForge Studio for SQL Server, a report can be bound or unbound to the data source and consists of bands (blocks) that represent a specific control such as text, image, check box, label, table, chart, pivot table, etc. The Report Builder helps you to automatically create a report based on the type and options that would cover your needs best. With a SQL data reporting tool, you can build:

  • Simple data report from scratch
  • Data-aware report based on existing database objects or data received from a SQL query
  • Master-detail report to display data from a hierarchical data source
Overview of different SQL data reports that can be built with the Report Builder reporting tool

Building SQL Reports

To start building a report, use Data Report Wizard, Blank Data Report to create reports from scratch, or the Send to option available in Database Explorer and Data Editor.

The tools enable to create a new report either blank or based on the table/view or a custom query. Depending on the type you choose, you can adjust the report structure and content by modifying, reordering bands, or extending the report with additional bands in which you can insert data, such as images, text, report controls, charts, tables, views, queries, etc. To make the report data-aware, bound it to the data source and proceed with the report management. You can save the report via the command-line interface for future use. Additionally, feel free to watch this video to see how to create a data report.

Building SQL Reports with the data reporting tool in dbForge Studio for SQL Server

Using SQL Reports

After the report was created, you can preview, send the report via e-mail and perform other tasks that include:

  • Export to the supported file formats that include HTML, CSV, PDF, RTF, XLS, XLSX, TEXT, etc.
  • Search for the whole words or apply case-sensitive search to the report
  • Zoom in and out, and scale the report
  • Navigate through the report using the pagination options
  • Customize background and add a watermark

For more information about how to build and customize reports, see SQL Data Analysis and Reporting, or go to the documentation.

Viewing the tasks you can perform in SQL reports in dbForge Studio for SQL Server

Pivot Tables

Very often, there may be situations when you need to analyze and represent a huge amount of data into a summarized report. To make it easier and more effective, it is better to use pivot tables.

The Pivot table tool in dbForge Studio for SQL Server enables you to group and summarize your data with several clicks. You can use the drag-and-drop option to re-order and filter data, as well as sort data in an ascending or descending order and print out the received report. In addition, you can view the pivot table as a chart that simplifies data comparison and visualization.

Using Pivot Tables in SQL Data Reports


dbForge Studio for SQL Server has a built-in advanced reporting and analysing tool - Report Builder that helps simplify and boost SQL report creation and customization. With the tool, you can easily create different reports depending on the type provided, manage report structure and content, customize formatting and style options, create a pivot table. In addition to the reporting functionality, dbForge Studio for SQL Server offers a variety of data management and analysis tools.

dbForge Studio for SQL Server

Multifunctional SQL Server GUI

How to create data reports from SQL database

SQL Reporting tools allow you to automate the generation of reports, as well as regular Save and Send operations using the command line. Also, you can schedule the emailing of your reports with the Task Scheduler.

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