SQL Server Database Schema Comparison

Comparing database schemas is the first step in database comparison process, and can be accomplished with the help of dbForge Studio for SQL Server. You can find the tool useful, if you are:

  • moving schema structures from developer to live version of databases
  • upgrading your databases when developers are working, for example, in different teams
  • comparing databases in your application
  • creating deployment scripts for client and hosted applications
  • consolidating service instances on one server.

Schema comparison feature highlights

  • Comparison and synchronization of SQL Server database schemas
  • Schema comparison reports generation – create comparison report for further analysis
  • Command line support for automatic launch of comparison and synchronization process
  • Synchronization between different server versions
  • Comparison of native SQL Server backups
  • Comparison of filtering results
  • Schema synchronization script generation - get script with all updates
  • Viewing of DDL differences on each object - get detailed view of your updates
  • Exclusion of objects from synchronization - work only with the required objects
  • Ability to save and load comparison settings - no need to enter the same settings every time you want to run comparison wizard.

Start comparison process

With the new Schema Comparison wizard, you can compare database schemas, backups, database snapshots, script folders, and database schemas stored in source control.

In the wizard, you choose source and target, customize the process by setting options, mapping, object filter. For further process automation, your settings can be saved to a file that will be used in the command line interface.

To prevent any confusion between source and target instances, you may use the Categories feature.

Compare SQL Server Schemas: Comparison

Analyze schema comparison results

When comparison process is completed, results stating objects, object status, and operation are displayed in the grid. Click the needed object to get a detailed view of it in the text comparer below.

Manage results by applying filtering, grouping, exclude or include the needed objects to continue working with them, etc. To save results for analysis or distribute them, you can generate comparison report in HTML or Excel format.

Compare SQL Server Schemas: Results

Synchronize SQL Server schemas

When you've selected the objects you need to synchronize, just call the Synchronization wizard.

In the wizard, you can customize the process by setting output and synchronization options . After synchronization you get comprehensive script to apply updates and changes to your databases.

Compare SQL Server Schemas: Synchronization

Automating comparison and synchronization

Command line interface allows scheduling comparison and synchronization without actually participating in the process. Options saved from the wizard can be used for customization.