Connection Categories


When working with dbForge Studio for SQL Server you may have multiple connections opened simultaneously. Trying to understand which window is related to which connection can be quite difficult. The Document Category feature of dbForge Studio for SQL Server is meant to resolve this problem by associating a certain connection with a color category. Applying the category enables you to see which connection the current document belongs to.

Setting Up Connection Category

To preset a category for a connection, follow the steps below:

1. In Database Explorer, locate a connection.

2. Right-click the connection, and select Modify Connection...

Modify Connection

3. In the Data Connections Properties dialog box, go to Document Category and click the drop-down arrow.

4. Select a suitable option from the drop-down list. There are five options available marked by a colored geometric object:

  • None (by default)
  • Development
  • Production
  • Sandbox
  • Test
Connection Types

5. Click OK.

Now connections look like this:

Applied Categories

Editing Categories

You can customize Document Categories in accordance with your needs.

To edit a category, click the More button.

More button
  • The Options dialog box opens, where you can change Name, Shape and Color parameters for each category.
  • To create a new category, click the New Category button.
  • To delete a category, highlight one and click Delete Category.
  • To return to default settings, click Reset to Default.
  • To save changes, click OK.
Editing Categoris Window

Using Categories

To demonstrate Document Categories in use, we marked one database as ?Development?, and the second one as ?Production?. Now, while working with documents that have similar names but belong to different connections, we won't be confused, e.g., we won't delete information from the improper database.

Documents with Similar Names

Categories may also be extremely useful while performing comparison and synchronization. During comparison, you will never confuse source and target databases, and be able to distinguish source and target records at a glance. Also, you can always make sure that a comparison report will be saved to a proper place.

Categories Shown During Synchronization

Categories make any confusion of source and target databases during synchronization almost impossible.

Categories Shown Within Categories Wizard


The Categories feature in dbForge Studio for SQL Server is meant to simplify the work with multiple connections and allows distinguishing database objects at a glimpse.

If you work with several servers, Categories can help you to differentiate one connection from another, or make sure that a certain database object belongs to a proper server or connection. Categories can also be used to sort SQL documents by groups, for example, you can mark one group as Production (red) and the other one, which is prior to production, as Development (green).