Table Designer Feature

This page provides additional information about the table designer provided by dbForge Studio for SQL Server.

Table designer contains visual editors for:

  • Column
  • Index
  • Primary Key
  • Foreign Key
  • Check Constraints
  • Statistics
  • Table Storage Properties
General view of the table designer

It also contains T-SQL editor that allows you to edit any part of CREATE TABLE manually. The program automatically parses text that you enter and displays all the modifications in the visual editor on the fly.

Table designer also allows you to:

  • Edit table data
  • Navigate through the visual editor and T-SQL editor synchronously
  • Use automatic prompts of data types
  • Document table
  • Preview ALTER TABLE scripts
  • Rebuild table without loosing its data
T-SQL Editor

Built-in data editor allows you to preview all the changes made to the table, and edit data using the following features:

  • Group data
  • Sort data
  • Filter data
  • Switch data layout between row view and card view
  • Quick data search
  • View pictures stored in a table
Built-in data editor

Synchronization of the visual editor and T-SQL editor. For a column that is selected in the visual editor, the respective SQL syntax is highlighted in the T-SQL editor.

Automatic prompts of data types. Table designer prompts you with data type automatically based on the column name that you entered. You can change it manually if needed.

Self-documented table. Ability to document table by adding comments to a column. All comments are stored as extensive properties thus making a database self-documented.

ALTER TABLE preview. You can preview ALTER TABLE scripts before update a database. Or in some cases, you need to generate a script to apply on remote server. This preview option will allow you to avoid mistakes.

Table rebuild. Some changes made to the table can not be applied using ALTER TABLE. For instance, you need to change a column data type that is not compatible with existing one, or insert a column between the existing ones. Table designer allows to rebuild table without loosing its data.