Create Pivot tables in
SQL Server

dbForge Studio for SQL Server boasts a powerful and dynamic data analysis tool allowing you to quickly create Pivot Tables without having to write complex queries.

The Pivot Table functionality that comes with dbForge Studio for SQL Server is a perfect solution for those who need to process, summarize, and analyze large amounts of data.

  • Transpose rows into columns in SQL Server quickly and easily
  • Rearrange the output as many times as you want
  • Get an immediate insight into a large, detailed data set
  • Build Pivot Charts to present data visually
  • Deliver meaningful reports
  • Make data-driven decisions quickly

Create a Pivot Table

With the Pivot Table Designer, you can manipulate the data stored in a database in many different ways

  • aggregate
  • sort
  • organize
  • reorganize
  • filter
  • group
  • sum
  • average

dbForge Studio for SQL Server allows creating Pivot Tables visually by simply dragging-and-dropping the required columns into the corresponding areas of a Pivot Table.

Once you have created a Pivot Table, you can reorganize it as many times as you need to understand data relations and dependencies in the best possible way.

SQL Pivoting - create a pivot table

Create a Pivot Chart

To visualize data dependencies and compare them, you can view your pivot data as a chart. Building charts allows for effective ad-hoc data processing and analysis.

To create a Pivot chart, switch to the Charts view of the pivot table document and select the data to be displayed on the chart.

You can adjust and readjust the chart using the comprehensive Chart Designer options any number of times.

SQL Pivot tool - Create a Pivot Chart

Reorder Fields in a Pivot Table

The ability to change the layout form of a pivot table is crucial in making data easier to read and scan for details.

The Pivot Tables created with the help of the Pivot Table Designer are dynamic, which means that they can be easily be reorganized. In just a few clicks, you can create as many pivot tables as you need.

In dbForge Studio for SQL Server, a simple mouse drag will immediately rearrange the Pivot Table according to your needs and make it look the most suitable way.

SQL Server Pivot table - reorder Pivot Table

Sort and Group Data

The Pivot Table tool incorporated into dbForge Studio for SQL Server allows you to quickly sift through the large amounts of data partly owing to its powerful sorting and grouping capabilities.

To better understand data relationships, you can group data in a pivot table using various predefined group modes.

Use the Pivot Table tool that comes with dbForge Studio for SQL Server and control easily how your data is displayed.

Sort and Group Data in SQL Server Pivot Table

Filter Data in a Pivot Table

To get a better insight into your database data, you can use filters to display only the required data in a pivot table.

With the Pivot Table Designer, you can add filters to filter all the data in the pivot table. Also, you can use the PivotGrid Prefilter option to apply advanced filtering conditions to filter data.

Filter data in Pivot Tables

Use Summary Functions to Calculate Custom Totals

The Pivot Table tool displays the sum of all values by default, so you will see the Sum values just after adding row and column fields to your pivot table.

The tool incorporates a bunch of other highly useful functions:

  • Sum of all values
  • Average of values
  • Count of values
  • Maximum value
  • Minimum values
  • Standard deviation (counted over subset or entire data)
  • Population variance (counted over subset or entire data)
SQL Pivot Function - Calculate Custom Totals


dbForge Studio for SQL Server features a powerful data summarization tool - the Pivot Table Designer. It allows for quickly transposing rows into columns and vice versa, enabling you to have a swift and solid grasp of data dependencies even in large databases. Take a shot at the Studio and get this functionality along with other useful database management features and SQL reporting tools.

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