Master-Detail Browser: observe data in dbForge Studio for SQL Server

dbForge Studio for SQL Server comes with the intelligent Master-Detail Browser feature allowing you to gain a better insight into the related database data. The tool significantly increases the readability of the database data enabling you to draw balanced conclusions.

Whether you are a DBA, a developer, or a business analyst, sooner or later you will need to explore certain database tables, their related tables, and their synchronized data. Level up your database analysis with the Master-Detail Browser.

  • Create an unlimited number of detailed reports
  • Locate logical errors quickly and easily
  • Switch between the design view and the data view in seconds
  • Dig down to data in related tables
  • Visualize database relationships between linked objects
  • Export diagrams as images

The Design View

Use the Design View to visualize master/details relationship between the selected tables in a database.

With the help of the Master-Detailed Browser that comes with dbForge Studio for SQL Server, you can view and analyze data in

  • Parent tables or views
  • Related child tables or views
  • Self-referencing tables

Just drag the tables you need to analyze from Database Explorer to the Studio's Diagram pane. The existing relationships between the tables will be instantly shown with arrows.

You can then manipulate the objects on a Diagram: set a selected table as Master, create links between the tables, change the directions of the created or existing links, select columns to be included into a result set, apply sorting to columns, etc.

Drag objects from Database Explorer to Master-Detail Browser

The Data View

Use the Data View to view and inspect the contents of the selected related tables in a database.

Having created a diagram in the Design View, you can switch to the Data View to observe the data. To view only the specific dataset, you can enter a WHERE condition in a corresponding field below the diagram in the Design View.

If you don't need to view all data in the selected tables, you can specify a fetch limit for the result set below the diagram.

SQL Server database browser - the Data View

Filter Data in Master-Detail Browser

To filter data in a column, click the filter icon on the header of a column you want to apply filtering to. Then select a required item from the drop-down list that opens.

To set a custom filter, select (Custom) from that list, and create a filter in the Custom AutoFilter window that will appear.

Data can be filtered only in the detail tables.

SQL Server browser - Filter Data

Sort Data in Master-Detail Browser

You can easily sort data in both master and detail tables.

To start sorting rows in a column in ascending or descending order, click the column header. Every subsequent click on the header changes the sorting direction.

It is also possible to assign secondary sorting.

SQL data browser - Sort Data


dbForge Studio for SQL Server is a feature-rich IDE bound to facilitate your SQL Server database development, administration, and maintenance. The sophisticated Master-Detail Browser enables intelligent data browsing for related objects, creating master/detail reports, visualizing data dependencies, and many, many more. Test-drive the Studio with all of its data analysis and SQL reporting tools, and fall in love with it at first click.

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