SQL Server Event Profiler

This page provides additional information about the Server Event Profiler feature provided by dbForge Studio for SQL Server.

SQL Server Profiler is a powerful GUI tool for tracking and monitoring instances of the SQL Server Engine using traces. The tool eliminates SQL server performance bottlenecks and helps to get rid of them.

Key Features

  • Watch the trace results as the trace runs
  • Events sorting and grouping
  • Start, stop, modify the trace results as necessary
  • Multiple event profiling templates
  • Saving trace results to a file for the future use
  • Clear wizard interface

Setting Up SQL Event Profiling

With the Profile Events wizard, you can quickly start tracking SQL Server events and customize the current profiling session up to your needs. The wizard allows customizing:

  • General SQL profiler options, including connection, a template that fits your needs best, trace file storage etc.
  • Event types that you would like to capture
  • Actions you want to capture in the current events session
  • Filter options for the required events to limit the tracing data
  • Columns you want to capture in the current events session
Profile Server Events Wizard

Analyzing Traces

SQL Server Profiler Document represents a list of all server events that meet the selected criteria, and provides a wide range of options to highlight and monitor the most questionable events. You can:

  • Manipulate an SQL instance on the background and immediately see traces in the document
  • Stop/start tracing anytime
  • Select several most significant events for a detailed analysis
  • Filter and group events in the grid
  • View detailed information about each event, including SQL code
  • Extract event to a new SQL window or to clipboard
SQL Server Profiler Document