Admin Tool for Secure Database Management

SQL Server administration is a complex process directed to maintaining a successful database environment. The success more and more depends on database security. Proper user accounts administering guarantees the profitable work of the whole company.

In order to manage your database with high performance and reliability, dbForge Studio for SQL Server is supplied with a powerful SQL administration tool that meets the requirements of today's high-level admin tools.

Security Manager is a professional SQL Server administration tool integrated into dbForge Studio for SQL Server that helps you organize routine SQL administration tasks easily and securely.

What Do I Use Security Manager for?

SQL Database Administration
  • Create new user acounts, logins, roles and schemas
  • Assign users permissions
  • Manage users and their permissions
  • Simplify administration and reduce errors
  • Improve SQL administration performance

Creating User Accounts and Logins

With the help of the admin tool you can easily and fast: add, alter, and remove user accounts. Just several steps instead of typing a whole SQL code:

  1. Open Security Manager.
  2. Choose the item you want to add from the Create drop-down list.
  3. To assign roles to logins and database users, select Create Role from the list and specify required informative fields.
Security Manager: Managing User Accounts

Assigning Roles

Roles are well suited for work of SQL database administrators when a whole privileges set is added to a user at once. To assign a role to a database user follow the steps below:

  1. Open Security Manager.
  2. Select Create Role in the Create drop-down list.
  3. Specify main requisites for a new role, owned schemas, role members and check required permissions.
Security Manager: Assigning a Role

Granting/Revoking Permissions

On the Object Permissions tab of the Security Manager, the required permissions can be granted or revoked. Available permissions for database objects are displayed once you have chosen an object you want to grant the permissions to. Here you can easily check the required permissions.

  1. On the Database menu, select Security Manager.
  2. Choose the user to grant the privileges to or create a new one.
  3. Switch to the Object Permissions tab and check the required permissions for a selected object.
Security Manager: Granting Permissions


Security Manager is a perfect key to efficient SQL Server administration. Its user-friendly interface allows creating and editing users accounts and granting permissions or revoking them easily and accurately. As a result, less errors occur while administering a database, database security is improved, and productivity considerably rises.