dbForge Studio for SQL Server tutorials and other resources

Learn how to use dbForge Studio for SQL Server in few minutes. This page features videos, articles, and other useful resources that will help you quickly get started with the tool.

Demo Videos

How to quickly copy a SQL Server database
in dbForge Studio

Learn how to migrate a database using the Copy database functionality of dbForge Studio for SQL Server.

Schema and Data Compare functionality
of dbForge Studio

Find out how you can migrate a database using the Schema and Data Compare tools of the Studio.

How to detach and attach a database
in SQL Server

Explore the fastest method to easily migrate a database to a different instance or server.

How to export and import data in SQL Server in a couple of clicks

Watch the video to learn about Data Import and Export tools that come with dbForge Studio.

Best GUI Tool for Database Development, Management, and Administration

Learn about the core features of the dbForge Studio tool for developing and managing your SQL Server database.

How to convert columns to rows
in SQL using UNPIVOT

Watch the video to find out whether UNPIVOT is the best way to transpose column data into rows in SQL Server.

Feature Highlights

How-to Articles

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How to Write Complex Queries in SQL Server
Database Reverse Engineering
SQL Database Design Basics with Examples
Pivot Tables and Reporting in SQL
Is UNPIVOT the best way for converting columns into rows?
Find invalid objects in your databases
Backup and Restore Databases in SQL Server
What is the fastest way to calculate the record COUNT?
SQL Server Typical Maintenance Plans: Automated Database Backups
Adding External Images to an SQL Data Report
How to Copy SQL Server Database
Best Way to Back Up a SQL Server Database
Tuning Performance of SQL Server Query Plans

To get started quickly, take a look at these guides:

Writing and executing SQL statements

Learn how you can benefit from the code auto-completion feature of dbForge Studio for SQL Server.

Building queries with Query Builder

Explore how to build and edit complex queries visually.

Data generation

Learn how to configure the Data Generator functionality to populate databases with test data.

Compare and sync SQL Server databases

See how you can compare and synchronize SQL Server schemas and data.

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