Compare and Synchronize SQL Database Contents

dbForge Studio for SQL Server features a powerful tool for quick and flawless SQL data comparison and synchronization. Give it a fly and take your routine database update process to the next level!
  • Compare database tables data changes from dev, to test, to production
  • Explore how the data has changed in each table
  • Migrate individual data differences, a selection of them, or all of them
  • Deploy data changes directly to a database or save deployment scripts for later use
  • Automate and schedule data migrations using the command-line interface
  • Perform row level recovery without restoring the entire database, compare it to a backup
  • Troubleshoot data differences and generate reports in Excel or HTML

Configure Data Comparison

A handy Data Comparison wizard is designed to easily walk even non-professional users through the data comparison setup.

Rich comparison options:

  • Include or exclude views and tables by mask
  • Ignore views, tables, and\or columns by mask
  • Round float types
  • Ignore leading and trailing spaces
  • Ignore case
... and many, many more.

View and analyze data diffs

dbForge Studio for MySQL swiftly identifies data differences between two SQL Server databases and displays them in a convenient and comprehensive way allowing you to easily track and manage data changes in large databases.

Manipulate the comparison results:

  • Filter and sort the results
  • Find objects
  • Expand or collapse object groups
  • View the row differences
  • Search and view the data
  • Explore the data differences
  • Select changes for deployment

Synchronize database data

An easy-to-follow Data Synchronization wizard will help you establish data consistency between two SQL Server databases in a few clicks. The wizard can boast a number of useful options enabling you to customize data changes deployment in order to best meet the project requirements.

  • Deploy changes to live databases, scripts folders, or backups
  • Apply changes immediately or generate a T-SQL script to run later
  • Configure synchronization options
  • Review the action plan and warnings
  • Save templates for recurring sync tasks

Generate a comparison report

With dbForge Studio for SQL Server, you can generate comparison reports in CSV, HTML, or Excel format, so that you could easily share and discuss them with your team.

The Comparison Report feature can prove helpful for auditing purposes, replication verification, tracing data changes, etc.
SQL compare data in two databases - Export the comparison report

Automate SQL data comparison and syncing

dbForge Studio for SQL Server supports a command-line interface, allowing you to automate the execution of data comparison and synchronization tasks, as well as other DevOps operations.

  • Save SQL data comparison and\or synchronization settings as a .bat file
  • Use Command Prompt or PowerShell for automatic comparisons or synchronizations
  • Schedule the .bat file execution with Windows Task Scheduler or another scheduler program
SQL data diff tool -  Schedule and automate synchronization tasks


dbForge Studio for SQL Server boasts a number of powerful features for SQL Server schema comparison and synchronization, data comparison and synchronization, data and schema migrations, coding assistance, designing databases, generating data, and that’s not the half of it! Give the Studio a try and get this functionality all in one.

dbForge Studio for SQL Server

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