Compare Data in SQL Server Databases

Comparing and synchronizing data in SQL Server databases can be accomplished using dbForge Studio for SQL Server. You can take advantage of our comparison tool, if you need to:

  • synchronize data on workstations where SQL Server Express is installed with central server that has fully-functional SQL Server edition
  • synchronize databases that don't have permanent connection
  • synchronize database from one environment with database from another environment (for example, database from testing and development environment)
  • analyze changes on a step-by-step basis by viewing different records, new records, and missing ones

Comparing data

In Data Comparison wizard, you will be able to select source and target, set options and mapping. Also there is a possibility to save comparison settings for future use in the command line interface.

To prevent any confusion between source and target instances, you may use the Categories feature.

Compare SQL Databases: Wizard

Working with data comparison results

After wizard finishes working, comparison results are displayed in a grid. In this grid, status of records is shown and you can view actual differences.

Our SQL Server database compare tool provides such options for managing results as filtering, excluding and including selected objects, etc. Also you can generate a customizable comparison report in HTML or Excel format to distribute the results or view them in a way more convenient for you.

Compare SQL Databases: Results

SQL Server data sync

After comparison process is completed, all objects that are ready for synchronization are selected automatically. Although you can uncheck the objects that you don't need to synchronize.

Synchronization can be customized by a set of options available in the wizard. These options include settings for output file containing synchronization script and options that influence data you are going to synchronize (i.e. have direct impact on the resulting script).

Compare SQL Databases: Synchronization

Automating comparison and synchronization

Command line interface and Windows task scheduler provide possibility to setup periodical data synchronization that can be customized using file with comparison options settings you can create in New Data Comparison Wizard or directly in the command line interface.

Compare SQL Databases: Results