How KCS IT leveled up routine database development with dbForge Studio for SQL Server


About the customer

KCS IT is an established software development company committed to providing outstanding services to its clients. A highly skilled team of IT professionals brings each project to fruition. KCS IT provides a wide range of services, including outsourcing, strategic consulting, and training, ensuring a comprehensive range of solutions for clients from different sectors and industries.
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Challenges faced

While working on various projects that involved Microsoft SQL Server databases, the team of KCS IT faced plenty of challenges related to handling multiple databases at a time. The default SQL Server Management Studio did not satisfy the requirements of the developers. They needed a solution that would address the following:

Provide a more functional alternative to SSMS
Increase the speed of software development
Allow the developers to master new tools quickly

After careful consideration and comparison of various third-party tools, the company's R&D Manager Rui Pedro Borges chose to use dbForge Studio for SQL Server. It was precisely what the team needed – an easy-to-operate comprehensive IDE for SQL Server with powerful functionality.

"Easy to use IDE with an all-in-one approach. Faster deployments and better DB coding."
Rui Pedro Borges
Rui Pedro Borges
R&D Manager

Results achieved

KCS IT's software development team incorporated dbForge Studio for SQL Server into their daily workflow and immediately experienced positive results. It allowed them to manage multiple databases more efficiently, view their schemas, and perform any tasks the work scenarios required.

The clean and intuitive graphical user interface of the Studio, combined with versatile functionality, helped the developers take their performance to a new level and get rid of coding errors as manual code typing was no longer necessary for many tasks. With faster SQL development and more effective software functionality, the team granted to deliver a highly functional product to end users.

Key Features Rui is Excited About

Schema Compare

Compare and synchronize database schemas across live databases, script folders, and backups. The tool identifies and displays all schema differences for easier analysis. Additionally, Schema Compare generates synchronization scripts that can be applied immediately or saved for later use.

Data Generator

Produce high-quality realistic test data for a variety of testing purposes. With over 200 predefined data generators and the possibility to automate and schedule recurring data generation tasks, the tool can deliver any type of data in any volume required for more effective testing.

Security Manager

Protect your databases with a professional SQL Server administration module. Ensure that user roles, permissions, and privileges are managed effectively. Additionally, manipulate user accounts to guarantee efficient work processes while maintaining data security.

dbForge Studio for SQL Server

Best SQL Server IDE for effective database development

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