How Integral Hospitality Consulting accelerated software development by 75% with dbForge Studio for SQL Server

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About the customer

David Ayres is the Lead Developer at Integral Hospitality Consulting, LLC. The company specializes in providing technical assistance to hotel management groups and aspires to be the go-to software provider for the entire hotel industry. The latest solution developed by Hospitality Consulting is a system incorporating budgeting, forecasting, scheduling, and other essential features required by the industry, all in one.

Challenges faced

David Ayres was working on a robust SaaS solution based on Microsoft SQL Server. However, the standard SSMS IDE didn't offer all the necessary functionality required by the developers. The team needed a more powerful tool that would help them to:

Increase the speed of SQL development
Ensure the high quality of SQL code
Streamline data import and export tasks

To find a solution, the team tried some third-party tools and researched on the Internet. After careful consideration, David Ayres chose dbForge Studio for SQL Server. This tool stood out for its powerful functionality, ease of use, and affordable price.

"Writing SQL, debugging SQL, making sure our solution is working properly with the database, database integrity, exporting and importing data, and creating test data is much, much easier."
David Ayres
David Ayres
Lead Developer

Results achieved

faster SQL development
cost savings per year

The efficiency of dbForge Studio for SQL Server was quickly evident, and it has since become an integral component of the team’s daily workflow for writing SQL code, designing database tables, establishing relationships, and many other tasks. The Studio has made it much easier to create software.

Another significant improvement was the ability to generate necessary test data, which enhanced the quality of software debugging and saved time and costs for the entire team. As a result, David and his colleagues can improve their software much faster, make it much more functional and error-free to keep customer satisfaction at an all-time high.

Key Features David is Excited About

IntelliSense-like auto-completion

Double your coding speed with context-based object and keyword suggestions, phrase completion, and statement expansion. Furthermore, the built-in debugging, syntax validation, and formatting features eliminate accidental typing errors and ensure the highest quality and readability of your code.

Data import and export

Leverage support for over 10 most widely used data formats (XLS, CSV, XML, RTF, JSON, TXT, DBF, Google Sheets, and more). With convenient and customizable task templates and the ability to schedule and automate data migration tasks, you can streamline recurring routines and eliminate manual work.

Test data generation

Produce any volume of realistic test data for software testing with more than 200 predefined data generators and the possibility to add custom ones and tailor them to your requirements using a wide array of settings. The generation can be effectively automated from the command line.

dbForge Studio for SQL Server

Best SQL Server IDE for effective database development

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