How Synerics doubled their SQL development quality with dbForge Studio for SQL Server


About the customer

Synerics Business Solutions is a software development team that specializes in the creation and delivery of cutting-edge enterprise software and web applications. The team consists of experienced professionals in programming, graphic design, and databases.
South Africa

Challenges faced

Synerics faced several challenges while carrying out routine development tasks; the primary cause of these challenges was rooted in the shortcomings of the built-in IntelliSense module of SQL Server Management Studio. As a result, SQL coding used to take excessive time and required additional effort to be spent on SQL debugging and query optimization. It complicated the work overall and forced the company to search for new tools that would help them effectively resolve the following burning issues:

Synerics needed a way to write complex SQL queries much faster, yet maintain 100% accuracy
They also lacked a tool that would help them quickly debug SQL scripts, functions, and stored procedures
Finally, they set a goal of achieving faster query analysis and performance optimization

Since SSMS could not provide the required effectiveness of IntelliSense completion, the Synerics team had to search for a more advanced alternative. Their developers had tried several popular solutions before they finally settled on dbForge Studio for SQL Server due to the powerful toolset it contained—and due to the coding assistance functionality in particular.

"I feel my work becomes far more efficient when I use dbForge Studio for SQL Server, both thanks to its IntelliSense and to the way it easily provides me with quick access to what I want."
Nicholas Branfield
Software Engineer at Synerics

Results achieved

SQL coding accuracy

As of now, the Synerics development team applies dbForge Studio for SQL Server every day for all routine tasks related to SQL queries and database management. This software allows them to quickly develop all kinds of statements of any complexity, as well as analyze, debug, and optimize them for the most efficient performance.

Over a short period of time, the Studio became a perfect replacement for SSMS and allowed cutting the time spent on these tasks significantly. And since the Synerics team adheres to agile principles in their work, the Studio's positive impact on the overall productivity is still felt. All tasks are now completed faster, it is much easier to achieve the required 100% quality, and even their end users noticed the improvements in performance as well.

Key features Nicholas is excited about

IntelliSense-like code completion

The built-in code completion, accessed via SQL Editor, helps developers write complex queries in virtually no time with the help of precise, context-aware suggestions. Moreover, developers can further empower themselves with smart formatting and refactoring tools, which also contribute to their daily performance.

T-SQL Analyzer

This feature is also invaluable when it comes to analyzing and proofreading code, identifying typos and other errors, and fixing them immediately. You have a set of predefined rules and the possibility to configure your own custom rules to apply while checking your code.

SQL snippets

Finally, this feature doesn't need to be explained much, because SQL code reuse is one of the keys to high performance. There is a rich collection of predefined snippet templates that developers can apply—and, of course, they can edit these templates to adjust to their specific requirements. Custom templates can be created as well. Convenient shortcuts make the use of snippets an easy breeze.

dbForge Studio for SQL Server

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