How the Dispreu Logística improved SQL coding efficiency by 60% with dbForge Studio for SQL Server

Dispreu Logistica

About the customer

Dispreu Logística is a transport company that specializes in the distribution of food products. Established in 1985, this company has grown significantly by this time. It developed and improved its logistic platform. Thus, it needed efficient and reliable tools to conduct the inner processes.

Challenges faced

Dispreu Logística relies on SQL much in their work. As the business grew, it required more powerful tools to manage all SQL-related jobs.

Writing and executing SQL queries
Generation of data reports and pivot tables
Getting an all-in-one IDE for various tasks

Dispreu Logística tried many tools, but those, unfortunately, either lacked some significant functions or were over-complicated to serve the team's goals. Finally, after a long search, the ultimate solution has been found – dbForge Studio for SQL Server. This IDE contains all the features the business demands. Besides, it turned out to be even easier to use than expected.

"The ease of use for creating hundreds of scripts and reporting to Excel worksheets... More than customers, it's managers that have benefited from dbForge."
Martin Hart Turner
Senior Technology Officer

Results achieved

Improved SQL coding efficiency
Time spent on data export

Dispreu Logística uses dbForge Studio for SQL Server primarily for creating and maintaining SQL scripts. The user-friendly visual interface of the Studio allows composing such queries much faster and more accurately. A specialized, functional, and non-intrusive SQL editor paired with a powerful IntelliSense-style code completion lets the users speed up code writing, check and correct errors on the fly. As a result, you have clean and precise code that matches the company's standards and makes database development more efficient, significantly improving the overall productivity.

Key features Martin is excited about

Report generation

The SQL Report Builder feature allows creating detailed, informative reports from the users' data. The chart plotting support ensures an accurate results representation. Users can schedule the automatic report delivery using the command-line interface.

Export to Excel

In general, the report generating feature allows for exporting reports in 9 different formats, including XLS. This option is essential for Dispreu Logística, as it lets the company save the data in a handy format for further processing.

Query creating with IntelliSense

The SQL Editor in dbForge Studio for SQL Server is a multi-functional feature. It allows users to write SQL code of any complexity quickly and correctly. The IntelliSense-like functionality of the Code Completion feature allows creating a complete statement just in a few clicks. Moreover, SQL snippets feature let the user compile a library of repeated code fragments to use them wherever needed. The T-SQL Analyzer with predefined and configurable rules helps users improve the code quality.

dbForge Studio for SQL Server

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