Alternative to SQL Server Management Studio

Stop wasting time searching for and purchasing SSMS plugins to get your work done. Take advantage of using dbForge Studio for SQL Server, which ranks alongside SQL Server Management Studio. With a huge pack of advanced features and intuitive GUI, this all-in-one MSSQL tool can maximize productivity and make SQL Server database development, administration, and management process efficient.

  • Accelerate SQL code writing with IntelliSense-style code completion features
  • Efficiently compare and synchronize SQL Server database schemas
  • Automate frequently-used database tasks via the command-line interface
  • Navigate to any database object by names from a SQL code editor
  • Version-control database objects integration
  • Analyze and resolve SQL index fragmentation issues
  • Automate SQL unit testing process
  • Build complex queries, joins, tables, conditions, and subqueries visually
  • Analyze and improve query performance

Benefit from Intellisense-like Features

Write complex and accurate SQL code faster and focus on how the code actually works.

  • Context-based code completion
  • Code formatting
  • SQL refactoring
  • Snippets
  • Quick info
  • Suggestion of keywords, objects, CTE, T-SQL code, linked servers
  • Statement expansion
  • Column picker
  • Database context detection

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Handle Schema/Data Diffs with No Hassle

dbForge Studio for SQL Server allows comparing and deploying database schemas on different SQL Server instances and using databases, native backups, snapshots, scripts folders, and schemas stored in source control as a source and a target.

The tool works best when you need to detect and analyze differences in SQL Server databases, identify and fix errors, generate a comparison results report (in HTML or Excel formats), and flawless, customizable schema synchronization scripts for later use.

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Handle Schema/Data Diffs with Schema Compare

Manage Database Changes in Source Control

dbForge Studio for SQL Server provides support for widely used version control systems such as Subversion, Team Foundation Server (including TFS Cloud), Git (including GitHub), Perforce (P4), Mercurial, and SourceGear Vault.

With the tool, developers can easily track, commit, and handle database changes, view changes history, work on multiple database copies locally or share the same copy, navigate between different revisions, securely revert changes to prevent data loss or errors, compare copies to identify the changes and securely resolve conflicts.

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Get Rid of Index Fragmentation

Quickly scan multiple databases, collect, and analyze index fragmentation statistics in order to detect databases that require maintenance and determine the status of indexes. With dbForge Studio Index Manager, you can rebuild and rearrange SQL indexes visually or export the results to a report in a .csv file format.

The tool helps fix the indexes based on the deep analysis and priority and automatically generates a SQL script for later use.

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Implement Database Unit Testing

dbForge Unit Tests are designed to make sure that the existing functionality meets the requirements and keeps working as expected in case of any changes applied. The tool based on the tSQLt framework allows writing unit tests in T-SQL code. With SQL Unit Testing, developers can run object tests in isolation from other database objects that won't impact the database and won't require cleanup in the code.

Use the tool to significantly reduce expenses and minimize the number of errors in the code due to the fact that bugs can be found and fixed within the development cycle before the product release.

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Generate Meaningful Test Data in a Few Clicks

A built-in Data Generator is a powerful visual tool that considerably saves your time and effort when generating SQL database tables with random realistic data. The tool provides multiple pre-defined customizable data generators that can be automatically assigned to table columns according to different data types.

dbForge Data Generator provides RegExp and Python support and can easily maintain database integrity and data consistency across different tables.

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Build Complex Queries Visually

With dbForge Studio for SQL Server, you can visually create complex and logical SELECT, INSERT RESULTS, INSERT VALUES, UPDATE, and DELETE statements without manually typing the code. The dbForge Query Builder tool can build multiple tables, establish JOINs, set up filtering conditions, and work with subqueries using the visual condition editor.

Developers can easily navigate through SQL tables and connections on a database diagram, filter, and find the query they want to modify. In addition, Query Builder can be easily integrated with other features of dbForge Studio.

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Build complex queries visually with SQL Query Builder

Import and Export Data

Data Import/Export tools support 10+ widely used data formats such as CSV, Excel, XML, JSON, DBF, etc., automate export/import operations for recurring scenarios, set up error processing behavior, and make the data import/export process easier and more efficient.

With dbForge Studio for SQL Server, developers can create custom export and import templates using the command line interface, customize import/export options, set up data formats and column mapping, manage output options, and generate a log file with import/export session details.

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Enjoy Familiar User Interface

The UI of dbForge Studio for SQL Server is intuitive and close to SQL Server Management Studio and include a great number of handy features, for example:

The UI of dbForge Studio for SQL Server can make interaction with users as easy and effective as possible. It is aimed to ensure quick access to the features and capabilities users want to work with and, thus, lead to a better user experience.

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Intuitive UI of dbForge Studio for SQL Server

Best SQL Server IDE for developing SQL databases

dbForge Studio for SQL Server is a powerful SQL server GUI for maintaining SQL databases. With the tool, you will have everything to set up your SQL development environment and speed up your database experience. Watch this video to discover the best advantages of our SSMS alternative.

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Learn about DevOps Automation

Use dbForge DevOps Automation for SQL Server to extend DevOps practices to SQL Server databases. The solution helps optimize productivity, reduce database release costs, and make the overall workflow consistent and secure.

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