Analyze and Fix SQL Index Fragmentation Issues

dbForge Index Manager provides smart index fixing and fragmentation. The tool allows you to quickly collect index fragmentation statistics and detect databases that require maintenance. You can instantly rebuild and reorganize SQL Server indexes in visual mode or generate SQL scripts for future use. dbForge Index Manager for SQL Server will significantly boost your performance without much effort!

  • Get a thorough insight into the status of database indexes
  • Fix index fragmentation based on fragmentation severity
  • Rebuild or reorganize indexes based on their thresholds
  • Generate scripts to execute index-related commands
  • Export index analysis results to report on fragmentation
  • Detect the fragmentation of indexes across databases
  • Use the command-line interface to automate routine tasks
  • Configure databases and speed up your work process with
    the auto-refresh functionality
  • Integrate dbForge Index Manager into Microsoft SQL Server
    Management Studio to simplify your work

Why choose Index Manager?

With the help of this tool, you can:
  • Get the overall picture of a database and its specific objects for better fine-tuning
  • Utilize a flexible choice of connections and databases
  • Switch between analyzed objects at any time
  • Use a convenient combo box with user connections
  • Speed up your work process with the auto-refresh functionality triggered upon switching between databases
After scanning and checking index fragmentation in a SQL Server database, you can sort and search the results to simplify the selection of necessary indexes. Index Manager will show the following information about indexes:
  • Actions you should take with indexes: rebuild or reorganize
  • Index size
  • Fragmentation percentage
  • Reason for fragmentation
  • Maintenance priority
Set up available actions in the way that best suits your needs. The tool allows you to adjust the display of the index scan results with the following options and capabilities:
  • Reorganize and rebuild threshold level
  • Set the minimum index size
  • Choose the index rebuild method: online or offline
  • Restore default options
After scanning your databases, you can use the scan results in the following ways:
  • Save them to a CSV file to perform further in-depth index fragmentation analysis
  • Generate a report on the state of index fragmentation in your database with the help of the CSV export feature
With dbForge Index Manager, you can:
  • Generate T-SQL scripts to execute index rebuild and index reorganization commands
  • Use Script Changes to save a script for the set of indexes that are often fragmented (require frequent rebuilding or reorganization)
Efficient index management can also be achieved via the command-line interface:
  • View the results of the index analysis, including the name, reason,
    and fragmentation threshold
  • Create PowerShell automation scripts via the CLI
  • Save your scripts as command-line execution files (.bat)
    to either schedule their execution via the Windows Scheduler
    or run them when required
  • Configure settings depending on your needs and save them
    for later use
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Index Manager as part of DevOps Automation

Use Index Manager along with dbForge DevOps Automation for SQL Server to extend the DevOps approach to SQL Server databases. The solution helps you optimize productivity, reduce database release costs, and make the overall workflow consistent and safe.

dbForge DevOps Automation for SQL Server

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