How the SharingAlpha team
became 90% more productive
with dbForge Studio for MySQL

SharingAlpha Ltd

About the customer

SharingAlpha is an expansive community of professional fund buyers. The SharingAlpha platform helps users build a track record of their fund selection and asset allocation capabilities, as well as share professional information and find unique investment opportunities.
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Challenges faced

The SharingAlpha platform was in the early development phase, and the team knew they would need an effective method to compare database schemas and shift updates from development to production. There were not that many tools for MySQL databases that would address their needs in the optimal way. The free tools they were using previously had a few common problems:

Lack of schema comparison
Inconvenient data export
Bulky user interface

A thorough study of available commercial solutions gave them a viable option - dbForge Studio for MySQL. It was a tool that allowed them to venture far beyond regular schema comparison. The SharingAlpha team started using the Studio to view and update data, create and test stored procedures, build queries and conveniently export their results for marketing purposes.

"We needed a way to compare development and production database schemas and your tool was the best on the market by all accounts. Now we can't imagine not having it."
Yuval Kaplan
Yuval Kaplan
CTO at SharingAlpha Ltd

Results achieved

Increased productivity for all DB-related operations

dbForge Studio completely eliminated the challenges that hindered fast and efficient database administration. It made all updates totally seamless for the platform users. Data access became extremely simple, managed either by directly opening up a table or writing a quick set of SQL statements. The primary benefits noted by Yuval included the interface, rich features, ease of use, stability, and good support.

Key features Yuval is excited about

Schema comparison

The schema comparison and synchronization functionality—available both in dbForge Studio for MySQL and as a standalone tool—is an invaluable assistant when it comes to comparing database schemas of any size, locating and analyzing the differences, and setting up safe deployment. Generation of migration scripts and comparison reports is also included.

Data import and export

The smart export and import wizards, included in dbForge Studio for MySQL, support 10+ most popular data formats and provide flexible customization options. Additionally, this functionality delivers templates and automation of recurring tasks using the command line.

Table editor

This feature is included in Table Designer, a visual tool that allows creating and modifying table structures, indexes, primary keys, defaults, and CHECK constraints. It helps save time, reduce errors, and increase daily productivity with no need to write any complex code.

dbForge Studio for MySQL

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