How Creative Solutions reduced daily routine by 50% and became 25% more efficient with dbForge Studio for MySQL

Creative Memories

About the customer

Creative Memories strives to be the leading provider of innovative memory keeping products globally, and brings sustainable, rewarding opportunities for their community of Advisors.
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Challenges faced

Like every fast-growing company, Creative Memories reached the point when it was necessary to effectively upgrade in order to properly support the increasing community of customers and Advisors. The goal was set to improve the performance of their website and IT systems, which involved three growing databases: e-commerce, data warehouse, and manufacturing.

However, there were several obstacles to further growth, which prevented them from managing everything efficiently and implementing requested features quickly.

Too much time was spent on getting simple tasks done, i.e. data import and export, standard queries, and new database connections
The team had to use tools that were not stable or consistent enough in their UI
There were no proper tools for data comparison, required to verify integrity during upgrades

It was not until a personal recommendation introduced dbForge Studio for MySQL to their team that the solution was finally found. The main reasons why it was quickly chosen over all the competitors included a familiar UI, which was quick to get used to, a multitude of data import and export options, object duplication, and handy comparison tools for both data and schemas.

"We became 25% more efficient as we saved 2 FTE hours per day, which we re-allocated to project work. In most cases, about 30% of the time spent on a project is database work, and we have seen most of that work cut in half, so we now only allocate 15%, and it's more than enough. This increase in efficiency has a big impact across many areas that depend on IT to deliver results. And when most of the work falls to one or two people, it's really important to have a tool that can move at the speed you need it to work."
Bob Guzek
Bob Guzek
IT Manager at Creative Memories

Results achieved

Efficiency boost
Time spent on routine database work

The IT team of Creative Memories is normally short-staffed, and does not include a dedicated database administrator. Despite this, dbForge Studio allows assigning tasks like creating/editing views, tables, indexes, and even import/export of data to any member of their staff; the tool guides the user through so thoroughly that even non-DBAs can handle them.

Complex tasks were also made easier and more efficient. The inherent familiarity of the product's user interface, as well as helpful wizards, made it easy to avoid extensive training and proceed to productive work right away. All in all, dbForge Studio gave our customer an estimated 25% efficiency boost, as well as reduced the average time spent on routine daily work by 50%.

Reporting and data integration are the two processes that mattered the most to the customer since they require the biggest amount of manual effort, and directly involve databases. dbForge Studio has been able to speed it all up, allowing the team to focus on feature development.

Finally, the clients of Creative Memories rely on their systems and data to run their own businesses. Timely delivery of features and updates meant higher sales and wider options for them. Moreover, efficient data collection allows providing statistics and monthly tax information on request.

Key features Bob is excited about

Fast Data Import and Export

None of the other tools used by Bob and his teammates provided the same variety of data types, the same flexibility of import and export options, and the same failsafe performance while importing thousands of rows. With dbForge Studio, things get done in a few minutes.

Data and Schema Comparison Tools

GUI tools for fast comparison of data and schemas proved to be a long-awaited replacement for typing and executing comparison code by hand. Tools like these make the entire routine far less time-consuming. Furthermore, these tools proved vital for validating updates.

Object Duplication

This feature may look simple, but everyone implements it differently. For Bob, the approach of dbForge Studio proved to be optimal, with an opportunity to duplicate objects both in schemas and, optionally, in data. He uses this feature frequently - for instance, to test out a table or view changes.

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