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Empower is a group of senior recruiters who leverage both a process and platform that automates and amplifies their recruiting efforts.

Company analysts and development executives were in dire need of a robust and reliable tool that would help develop the company's next-generation CRM. Among the available solutions on the market, dbForge Studio for MySQL better suited the needs of the team. The product was chosen as the most powerful and secure.

"dbForge Studio for MySQL has been the most effective database tool supporting the design, architecture, development, administration and debugging of our next-generation CRM system. There is nothing else like it on the market. I do think dbForge is hands down the best IDE for MySQL. It's a fantastic tool."
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David Allen, Director of Development
The company needed a reliable tool for designing and developing their next-generation CRM system
dbForge Studio for MySQL excellently copes with the company tasks cutting development time and boosting productivity.

Database administration routine took much time
The tool has significantly simplified the company's database administration and improved resource utilization.

Debugging has always been one of the most challenging and time-consuming tasks for the developers.
dbForge Studio for MySQL facilitated the development of more robust code and reduced time on its debugging.

Key Features Empower, LLC is excited about

MySQL Debugger

dbForge Studio for MySQL empowers developers and DBAs with excellent automated debugging capabilities taking away the pain of combing through scripts to find errors.

Database administration

Database administration is one of the most important jobs when dealing with databases. The tool helps automate routine database tasks and ensures better MySQL database security.

Database Designer

The advanced database designer functionality allows creating and editing database structure as well as reverse engineering MySQL databases and viewing foreign key relations between tables.

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