Debugger for MySQL

The MySQL Debugger functionality empowers development teams with automated debugging capabilities taking away the pain of delving into scripts to find errors.

Save time, effort, and reduce mistakes with MySQL Debugger. The tool allows investigating the run-time behavior of your database objects and locating logic errors. You can also benefit from the support for
step-by-step execution, call stack browsing, breakpoints, and watches. With MySQL GUI by Devart,
you can get this functionality along with other useful database management features. Debugger grants
the possibility not to compromise on code quality:

  • Debug code directly in the IDE
  • Avoid performance issues
  • Minimize downtime

MySQL Debug Layout

dbForge Studio for MySQL has two window layouts - default layout and debug layout. Debug layout is applied when you start debugging, the rest of the time you work in the default layout. Both layouts preserve their state when starting/stopping debugging or exiting from dbForge Studio for MySQL.

In debug layout, Watches and Call Stack windows are available.

Debug Layout

Debugging MySQL functions

Functions are generally hard to debug. MySQL Debugger built-in dbForge Studio for MySQL elegantly solves this sort of a problem by providing facilities for:

  • setting breakpoints
  • stepping into individual statements
  • adding watches
  • evaluating and changing local variable values
  • evaluating breakpoints
and other debugging tasks.
Debugging MySQL functions

Debugging MySQL triggers

Debugging is definitely quite a painful part of any software process and debugging triggers is not an exception.

dbForge Studio for MySQL is designed to ease that kind of pain and take your coding to the new level.

The Call Stack window allows the call stack to be examined whilst the Studio is in debug layout.

 Debugging MySQL triggers

Debugging MySQL queries

Database error messages indicate that something is wrong but often do not point at the problem. Thus, the functionality to debug queries can come in useful when working with complex queries.

If a statement is invalid, an error message appears in the error list, though the debugging process continues. The debugging of an SQL script can be suspended by clicking the Stop Debugging command.

Debugging MySQL queries


dbForge Studio for MySQL has powerful built-in debugging features. With the IDE, you can debug MySQL triggers, functions, scripts, stored routines to ensure a seamless database development process. All this functionality is provided by default in dbForge Studio for MySQL along with many other database management tools and features.

dbForge Studio for MySQL

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