Debugger for MySQL

How do you debug MySQL stored procedures and functions? It's not a secret that debugging stored procedures is a nightmare without a good tool. dbForge Studio provides a debugger for MySQL that will solve all your problems related to debugging process.

Debugger for MySQL offers a step-by-step code execution, breakpoints, watches, a call stack, a variable evaluation mechanism to automate debugging of MySQL stored functions and procedures.

Debugger for MySQL
  • First and dedicated Debugger for MySQL
  • Debugs any code
  • Keeps MySQL server's logic of procedure execution
  • Gives full control over code execution
  • Makes debugging a pleasure
  • Available in a free 30-day dbForge Studio trial!

Get a first dedicated debugger for MySQL

We are proud to be the first in delivering a fully-functional debugger for MySQL stored routines that is based on in-house innovative technology. MySQL debugger has become a boon for many database developers.

We were delighted to find Devart dbForge Studio for MySQL, which has excellent editing and debugging support for MySQL Stored Procedures and Triggers. It is a full suite of MySQL management tools which we use daily, but the debugger beats them all. We use it extensively.

Jeremy Stanners, MySQL developer, Purvis Industries Ltd

Debug any code

You can freely debug procedures, functions, and even triggers. Debugging complicated database deployment scripts becomes a snap. Debugger for MySQL removes manual scripting of trace messages.

Keep the original logic of procedure execution

Why is it important? As MySQL server does not provide any integrated debugging tool, you have to debug manually. However, manual debugging mostly affects an original execution process and even the procedures logic. So instead of fixing the errors, you double them and get spoiled procedures. Debugger for MySQL, provided in dbForge Studio, knows how to escape this.

Debuging MySQL procedures

Take full control over code execution

Debugger for MySQL offers full code execution control that includes:

  • Full support of step-by-step code execution (Step Into, Step Out, Step Over)
  • Breakpoints to fully control code execution
  • Call stack with capability to switch between frames
  • Integrated variables evaluation mechanism

Get everything to enjoy debugging

Debugger for MySQL, provided in dbForge Studio, has a convenient debugger interface on a level with the modern software development tools like Microsoft Visual Studio. Working in a familiar environment with convenient features makes debugging stored routines and functions no other than an easy task.

Online Tutorial

Read Debugging MySQL Stored Routines article to learn how to efficiently use the debugger for MySQL.