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Develop, administer, and manage MySQL and MariaDB databases using the dbForge Studio for MySQL tool easily and effortlessly. Refine your skills and master the tool with the helpful resources introduced on the page!

Demo Videos

Getting Started

Learn what is relational database, why people love MySQL and why you need to try our free trial.

Query Builder

This feature will help you with MySQL query optimization and increase it performance.

Source Control

Manage database schemas and static data, commit changes, compare versions, resolve conflicts, and review the history of changes.

Developer Tools

In this video tutorial, we will talk about some powerful features of dbForge Studio for MySQL that can make database development a lot easier and more efficient.

Import/Export DB

Check our new video about how to import and export tables and data to MySQL database just in a few clicks with dbForge Studio for MySQL.

MySQL Debugger

Get familiar with how to debug MySQL stored routines using Debugger in dbForge Studio.

Data Compare

This video shows the process of the data comparison with the Data Comparison tool built-in dbForge Studio for MySQL.

Security Manager

Feel the benefits of managing MySQL database security with the convenient MySQL GUI tool.

Data Generator

Data Generation tool built-in dbForge Studio for MySQL for generating MySQL database tables with thousands of rows of meaningful test data.

Feature Highlights

How-to Articles

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MySQL Primary Key: CREATE and ALTER TABLE Statements

Create a View in MySQL

Create a New User Account in MySQL

MySQL SELECT Statement Basics

How to Write Complex Queries

Different Ways to Back up MySQL Databases and Tables

How to Transfer MySQL Databases

Connect to MySQL Databases Remotely

Kill Certain Connections to a MySQL Database

How dbForge Studio for MySQL is Involved in DevOps

Working with dbForge Studio on macOS with Help of Parallels Desktop

More Articles

To get started quickly, take a look at these guides:

Connecting to a Database

Set up a database connection to a MySQL server and configure its properties through the Database Connection Properties dialog box.

Creating and Editing a Query

After you have set up a database connection, you can easily create and run a query using dbForge Studio for MySQL.

Creating a Table in Table Editor

After you have connected a database to a MySQL server, you can create a table in Table Editor with a few clicks.

Data Export Overview

Export data from tables or views of your MySQL database to the most popular file formats such as Text, MS Excel, XML, CSV, DBF, etc.

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