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MySQL Code Editor

Double your coding speed with the refined and optimized MySQL Server code editor that comes with
dbForge Studio for MySQL.

dbForge Studio for MySQL is a well-established IDE bound to assist with MySQL and MariaDB database development, maintenance, and administration. The Studio is equipped with a bunch of useful features among which MySQL database editor really brings a lot to the table:

  • Color coding
  • Document Outline window
  • MySQL Query History
  • Execution warnings
  • Collapsing and expanding regions of code
  • Viewing server messages and errors
  • Free trial version
  • Running scripts, selected SQL fragments, and statements

Color Coding with visual SQL editor

In MySQL and MariaDB Editor, the code you enter is immediately assigned a category and each category is identified by a color. For example, comments are colored in moss green. The color helps you quickly and easily find the necessary text in a query no matter how large it is.

This feature greatly enhances code readability and coding efficiency.

MySQL SQL Editor - Color Coding with visual SQL editor

Simple Outlining via SQL Editor

MySQL Code Editor can make the tough task of navigating through sections of code much easier by allowing you to collapse a region of code. The collapsed section appears under a plus sign (+). You can then expand it by clicking this plus sign.

The contents of the collapsed section is displayed as a tooltip when you hover over it. It is also possible to stop outlining in the Code Editor if necessary.

Outlining facilitates the work with large chunks of code. You can expand the regions you want to make changes to, collapse them when you are done, and then switch to other regions.
Editor MySQL - Collapse/Expand regions of code

Document Outline window

The Document Outline window exposes a hierarchical view of query parts and thus provides quick and easy navigation through them. It can be used while building large queries to access all its elements and capture the exact logical structure of a query.

The Document Window is really useful when you need to visualize the structure of a large SQL Document.

MySQL data editor - Document Outline window

MySQL Query History

MySQL Query History displays basic information about the executed SQL statements for a certain period of time. The feature allows viewing, editing, and reusing the queries that were executed in the past. It can be precious when you need to recover certain scripts or analyze your actions on a specific database.

This option can be configured up to your needs. You can specify a period over which the query history will be stored, the maximum size of stored scripts, a folder to store the history, etc.

MySQL database editor - MySQL Query History

Powerful Data Editor with Execution Warnings

MySQL Code Editor built-into dbForge Studio for MySQL displays a warning message if you are about to execute DELETE, UPDATE, and\or TRUNCATE statement without the WHERE clause. That could lead to a data loss and the feature is designed to prevent that.

You can customize the Execution Warnings option to best suit your needs. It is possible to specify the maximum script size to analyze and enable execution warnings for certain environments.

Editor MySQL - Execution Warnings

Why you should use
MySQL GUI Editor by Devart

dbForge Studio for MySQL is a feature-rich GUI tool designed to facilitate your MySQL databases development, administration, and maintenance. Studio possesses ample features for MySQL code completion and code beautifying, comparing and synchronizing databases, building visual queries, generating data, analyzing data, debugging complex queries, and many, many more. Try the Studio out and increase your workflow efficiency.

dbForge Studio for MySQL

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