MySQL Syntax Checker and Code Validator Tool

Code less and accomplish more with the exemplary IntelliSense-style code completion and syntax check functionality that comes in dbForge Studio for MySQL.

dbForge Studio for MySQL is a feature-rich IDE designed to facilitate MySQL and MariaDB database development, maintenance, and administration. The Studio can boast a set of immaculate inbuilt tools among which code completion and syntax check really make the difference.

  • Context-aware phrase completion
  • Impeccable syntax check
  • Code refactoring
  • Code highlighting
  • Alias management

Video Guide: How MySQL Syntax Checker Works?

Watch the video to see dbForge Studio for MySQL in action. Learn how it makes database development a whole lot easier and more efficient. Code Editor is one of the advanced features expected from any modern IDE.

Smart MySQL Code completion

Auto-completion pop-ups and query hints greatly facilitate routine coding and eliminate typos and casual errors. dbForge Studio for MySQL helps speed up query writing and enhance code accuracy.

With the Code completion feature, you can greatly benefit from:

  • Keywords suggestion
  • Objects suggestion
  • Wildcards
  • Pair highlighting
  • Parameter Information for stored procedures
  • JOIN clause auto generation
  • Highlight occurrences of an identifier
  • ... and much more!

MySQL coding completion

Quick CRUD generation

With the CRUD Generator, you can generate a result script for the SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE statements to a new SQL document in a New York minute. Just right-click a table or multiple tables in Database Explorer, select CRUD under the Generate Script As menu, and then select the destination for the script. The generated CRUD statement can be opened in the SQL Editor, saved to a file, or copied to clipboard.

dbForge Studio for MySQL allows configuring CRUD generation to fit your needs. You can select statements to be included in the script and specify the order of the columns. You can also modify the template scripts for each part of the CRUD statement.

dbForge MySQL checker - CRUD Generation

MySQL Code Validator

An advanced syntax checker is one of the most precious tools of dbForge Studio for MySQL in terms of code quality and a gain of time. It allows spotting errors and validating queries on the fly.

Syntax validator scans the code you type and when it detects a mistake, it highlights the problematic place with the red wavy underline giving you a possibility to immediately fix it.

You no longer need to scour through large scripts trying to catch a mistake, our MySQL checker will do it for you.
MySQL syntax checker

Code Completion for More Efficient Coding

dbForge Studio for MySQL shows object information in an object definition tooltip. Just point to the schema object in your script and the object information tooltip will pop up.

The Go To Definition option allows getting more detailed information about database objects such as the creation script for that object and a summary of the object. The option is available for tables, views, procedures, functions, and events.

Getting instant object information significantly speeds up coding and improves productivity.
MySQL code navigation - Go to definition

Renaming database objects

You need to invest a lot of time and effort to rename database objects. dbForge Studio for MySQL allows you to quickly rename all the objects you need as well as preview the changes before applying them. The feature makes it possible to safely change the names of tables, table columns, views, aliases, stored routines, local variables, triggers, events, UDFs, and users.

MySQL codes refactoring



dbForge Studio for MySQL possesses ample opportunities for producing flawless standards-driven code. The IDE can boast mature features for MySQL code formatting and code editing, data and schema migrations, data population, data analysis, exporting and importing data, and many, many more. Give the Studio a try and get more efficiency for better workflow.

dbForge Studio for MySQL

The most intelligent tool for MySQL development and management

Availability in the editions of dbForge Studio for MySQL


Automatic SQL syntax check
Context-sensitive code completion
Phrase completion
Support for SQL refactoring
Quick information about schema objects
Parameter information for stored routines