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Code Completion and SQL Formatting Tools for MySQL

Reduce the time you spend on typing SQL code in dbForge Studio for MySQL — auto completion is here for you! With the intelligent MySQL prompt feature, our MySQL GUI tool offers customizable MySQL syntax highlighting, automatic syntax check, and other capabilities that will let you write and check SQL code effectively and almost effortlessly.

Write more, type less with code completion features

In dbForge Studio for MySQL, code completion features provide the following benefits:

  • List Members
  • Word Completion
  • Phrase Completion
  • Parameter Information for stored procedures
  • Quick Information about schema objects

Save your time with code snippets

Code Snippets are now tightly connected with Intellisense-like functionality - they are displayed in the suggestion list together with keywords, table names, etc based on the symbols you type. To insert a snippet, just choose it from the suggestion list or use smart tags.

Managing code snippets is performed through Snippets Manager. In this window, you can edit, add, and remove code snippets.

Use code profiles and formatter to get standards-driven SQL code

Beautify SQL code using formatting capabilities of dbForge Studio for MySQL and make your code clear to everybody. SQL Formatter Wizard lets you format SQL code in multiple files or folders.

Code profiles are used for command standardization. You can create your own profiles with necessary statements to format and set their formatting. The application also allows adjusting existing profiles.

Correct errors in a code even before running the statement

Automatic SQL syntax check option lets you write error-free SQL code from the very beginning. Just start typing, and any found errors will be highlighted.

One-click access to schema objects' definitions

When working with SQL scripts, you can navigate to definitions of schema objects and variables. Do you have a definition outside the current script? Then, an object editor or a corresponding DDL script will open in another window.

Online Tutorial

To get the detailed information on how to simplify, optimize and facilitate your SQL coding, refer to MySQL Code Editor article.