Advanced features:
Code Snippets and Code Formatting for MySQL

Code like a God with Code Snippets and Code Formatting functionality integrated into dbForge Studio for MySQL.

According to our users, Code Snippets and Code Formatting are the most precious features of the Studio. So stop wasting time on manually typing and formatting your queries. Just give dbForge Studio for MySQL a try and start benefiting from:

  • Extensive code snippets library
  • Ample formatting options
  • Formatting profiles to suit any taste
  • Formatting code from the Command Line

MySQL Editor, CRUID, Snippets

Watch the video to see dbForge Studio for MySQL in action. Learn how it makes database development a whole lot easier and more efficient. Code Editor is one of the advanced features expected from any modern IDE. Moreover, see how MySQL Code Editor doubles your coding speed.

MySQL Code Snippets

Snippets are small reusable chunks of code that can be easily inserted in scripts when needed.

The Code Snippets functionality facilitates entering repetitive code patterns and thus saves substantial time and effort. You can use the pre-defined snippets supplied with dbForge Studio for MySQL, or create your own. The use of snippets puts you in the driver's seat - you code faster and make fewer typos.

Handy MySQL Snippets Manager
Studio's Snippets Manager allows adding new snippets and deleting or modifying the existing ones. In the Manager, you can add and modify snippet shortcuts, literals, and the snippet text itself.
MySQL code snippets manager

Sophisticated MySQL Formatter

Level-up your scripting abilities with the advanced formatting tool that allows beautifying your code to get it exactly as you like it. The tool is highly customizable and MySQL formatting behavior can be easily configured to fit even the most demanding needs.

Let dbForge Studio for MySQL take care of formatting your queries and spend the freed up time on what really matters - making your code work flawlessly.

MySQL Formatter Wizard allows formatting SQL code in multiple files or even folders in the wink of an eye. With the bulk formatting option, you can quickly and easily enforce common coding standards within a team or organization.
MySQL beautifier - formatting options

Built-in formatting profiles

dbForge Studio for MySQL boasts the ability to add new and customize the existing formatting profiles. The default profile can be easily modified up to your needs. On top of that, you can create any number of your own profiles that would comply with the required formatting standards.

Switch between profiles in one click
With this option, you can work in the style you prefer and then easily switch to your team profile when you are ready to deliver.

Hundreds of users report the MySQL formatting functionality to be irreplaceable in their everyday work.
MySQL beautifier - formatting profiles

Sharing formatting profiles

dbForge Studio for MySQL can help teams adopt consistent coding styles. It might be useful to utilize different formatting profiles for different purposes, such as reviewing code versus shipping code to a customer. The ability to quickly switch between profiles, for example, between the profile you prefer, your team profile, and\or your customer profile, is more than valuable.

Share MySQL formatting profiles

Formatting from
the Command Line

dbForge Studio for MySQL supports a command-line interface thus allowing you to quickly and easily automate and schedule your formatting tasks.

This option lets you automatically format multiple MySQL scripts as a pre-commit hook or as a Continuous Integration (CI) step, which can significantly simplify time-wasting and laborious DevOps operations.

MySQL Formatting from the Command Line


dbForge Studio for MySQL boasts mature features for producing high-quality standardized code. The IDE also possesses ample functionality for code completion and syntax check, data and schema migrations, data population and data analysis, exporting and importing data, and many, many more. Give the Studio a shot and get all this functionality all in one.

dbForge Studio for MySQL

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