MySQL Query Optimization with Query Profiler

Have multi-second queries delaying your web application? Want to find bottlenecks, get rid of the cracks in your database, and optimize MySQL queries? It is time for query profiling. Open your console, get MySQL reference, and call MySQL internal tools - EXPLAIN, SHOW PROFILE, and SHOW STATUS.

Not happy? Get the clear and automated way to profile your queries.

Profiling gain without pain

Leave behind challenging query profiling from the command line, release your energy. Turn on profiling mode and get SHOW PROFILE, and EXPLAIN results graphically displayed in the convenient UI. See the query text next to the results. It's so easy to optimize MySQL queries this way!

MySQL Query Profiler - Profiling Reports

Get STATUS variables calculated for your query

Query Profiler automatically compares STATUS variables for the required query before and after execution. The differences are neatly displayed in the Status tab of the Query Profiler window. You have necessary data to decide where to search bottlenecks and start optimizing MySQL queries.

Feel relief to get the clear diagnostic to refine your query.

MySQL Query Profiler - Status Outcome Results

Keep text of executed queries at hand

No need to copy a query text to a notepad after every change. Query Profiler keeps the query text along with its profiling results to let you optimize MySQL queries effectively. Your move is to select a required profiling result and click the SQL Query button. With query changes history you can come back to any step of the query optimization, review, execute or save the query.

Compare query profiling results visually

The key to optimize MySQL queries quickly is to see the differences in profiling results after your changes. Using Query Profiler, you can select profiling results for two query executions and get the differences highlighted in the grid. Again, no copy-paste into a notepad is required.

MySQL Query Profiler - Comparison Results At a Glance