MySQL Query Optimization with Query Profiler

Query Profiler generates profiling results that can help you analyze and maximize query performance in MySQL and MariaDB databases. The tool allows you to collect detailed statistics about executed queries, reveal and force slow queries and troubleshoot performance issues.

Query Profiler, built into dbForge Studio for MySQL, is the best query optimization tool to tune MySQL queries and investigate query performance issues in an efficient and fast way. It helps build up a picture of how the queries are run to access data and what operations impact your application.

  • View the EXPLAIN plan and profiling results, and monitor session statistics
  • Save time on detecting bottlenecks in your queries
  • View time delays at different stages of executing a query
  • Compare differences in query profiling results visually
  • Get a clear and automated way to profile your database queries
  • Fetch MySQL query data faster
  • Trace MySQL queries and diagnose performance issues with slow queries

MySQL Query Profiler

Watch the video to see the MySQL Query Profiler in action. Learn how it makes database development a whole lot easier and more efficient. It is a great optimization tool for tuning MySQL queries and investigating performance issues.

Optimizing Queries with EXPLAIN Plan

To achieve better query performance with the least resource consumption, use the MySQL EXPLAIN plan in Query Profiler.

The EXPLAIN plan allows you to get a full picture of how operations are executed and in which the most appropriate order the tables are joined and accessed to run the statements in MySQL databases. Also, it displays how long it takes to process the number of rows.

Analyzing the execution plan output helps you estimate the query performance and consider whether adding indexes to find rows will make the difference in query execution efficiency.

Optimize queries with MySQL Explain plan

Get STATUS Variables Calculated for Your Query

Query Profiler automatically compares STATUS variables for the required query before and after execution. The differences are neatly displayed in the Session Statistics tab of the Query Profiler tree. Session Statistics data is displayed as a grid and applicable to the current connection. This information allows you to monitor MySQL query performance and to decide where to search bottlenecks and start optimizing MySQL queries.

With Session Statistics, you can easily view how much resources have been used to execute the query for the current session.

View query differences on the Session Statistics tab

Keep text of executed queries at hand

No need to copy a query text to a notepad after every change. Query Profiler keeps the query text along with its profiling results to let you optimize MySQL queries effectively. You need to select a required profiling result and click SQL Query. With query changes history, you can return to any step of the query optimization, review, execute, or save the query.

Compare query profiling results

The key to optimize MySQL queries quickly is to see the differences in profiling results after your changes. Using Query Profiler, you can select profiling results for two query executions and get the differences highlighted in the grid. Again, no copy-paste into a notepad is required.

Compare query differences in the profiling results grid

How to Optimize MySQL Queries with Query Profiler

Learn how to analyze performance and optimize MySQL queries using visual Query Profiler built into dbForge Studio for MySQL.


Query Profiler is a query optimization tool that helps you profile and improve MySQL query performance, as well as track the differences in profiling results when executing the query several times. With the tool, you can detect slow running queries, examine the workload, and analyze bottlenecks to resolve performance issues in MySQL databases. Profiling can also be used to determine the unexpected behavior of queries.

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