MySQL Database Documenter

The Documenter feature of dbForge Studio for MySQL is a MySQL database documentation tool that automatically generates documentation in the HTML, PDF, and Markdown file formats. It will take you just a couple of minutes and a few clicks to document multiple MySQL and MariaDB databases with all their objects and properties. Documenter also includes a wide range of options to customize the generated documentation file to meet your specific requirements.

Broad picture of database structure

Documenter extracts an extensive database information, including MySQL object types, their details, and properties, as well as inter-object dependencies and DDL codes.

Rich customization features

The tool allows selecting individual MySQL objects and their properties for documenting. Documenter also includes a wide collection of style templates and allows changing the documentation layout with various Bootstrap themes.

Formats supported

You can generate documentation in three file formats: HTML, PDF and Markdown. HTML and Markdown suit for databases to be published on the web, PDF is good for distributing to various systems and devices. All formats are searchable, which is very convenient especially for large databases.

Searchable documentation

Search across the generated documentation files for MYSQL database objects. As you type the name of a required object in the search field, Documenter highlights the matching text in the object tree. You can also navigate throughout the documentation via build-in hyperlinks.