MySQL Data Reporting and Analysis Tool

Design in minutes any data reports with parameters, customizable formatting, calculated summaries, etc with the help of the MySQL reporting tool provided by dbForge Studio for MySQL. Streamline your work with multi-dimensional data, visualize data trends and dependencies, make quick but reasonable business decisions, convert your data into professionally-looking pivot tables. In addition, Master-Detail Browser in dbForge Studio for MySQL allows users to view and analyze related data all together in a comprehensive and easy way.

dbForge Studio for MySQL - Data Reporting

Key MySQL Data Reporting Features

Data Report Wizard

With Data Report Wizard, you can easily start creating a report from scratch, or the one base of a table, presentation or a query, and set up the output settings. In particular, Data Report Wizard will help you to:

  • Create standard, label, or blank report
  • Select columns to display in a report
  • Add grouping levels
  • Customize report layout
  • Select one of the predefined styles for a report
dbForge Studio for MySQL - Data Report Wizard

Report Designer

A fully-functional Report Builder has anything you need to create a perfect good-looking MySQL data report. With its advanced functionality, you can:

  • Use custom queries as a data source or drag objects right from Database Explorer and drop them right to Report Designer
  • Fine-tune your report with a rich set of controls
  • Easily navigate through the report elements
  • Add grouping and sorting levels to your report
  • Preview a ready report before printing
    ...and much more!
dbForge Studio for MySQL - Report Designer

Pivot Tables

Pivot Table is a tool that converts large amounts of data into compact and informative summaries - pivot tables. You can rearrange (or pivot) your data by a simple drag of a mouse until you get the best layout for understanding the data relations and dependencies. The Pivot Table functionality of dbForge Studio for MySQL provides:

  • Wide choice of styles to change a pivot table appearance; convenient editor to add conditions and set up styles
  • Various summary functions to calculate custom totals for a column or row fields
  • Different types of filtering and grouping to display only required data in a pivot table
dbForge Studio for MySQL - Pivot Table Report

Chart Designer

Charts are visual illustrations of your SQL data. In one glance, a viewer can come to an immediate understanding of the numbers.

Chart Designer, implemented in the best MySQL IDE for Windows from Devart, includes a rich chart collection, that will help you to select the best presentation for any purpose.

dbForge Studio for MySQL - Chart Designer

Smart Report Delivery

dbForge Studio for MySQL provides several options for ready data reports. Specifically, you can:

  • Print it
  • Send a report via e-mail
  • Save a report project for the future use
  • Export MySQL data reports to 9+ widely-used file formats, including PDF, HTML, CSV, RTF, XLS, TEXT, and other supported file formats.
dbForge Studio for MySQL - Smart Report Delivery

Data Reporting Automation

dbForge Studio for MySQL also allows optimizing routine MySQL data reporting tasks by using the command-line interface.

You can also create c command line execution file (.bat) and run it whenever you need to get a fresh MySQL data report.

dbForge Studio for MySQL - Data Reporting Automation

MySQL Report Builder: Report Tools and Generator

dbForge Studio is a user-friendly GUI tool, that is suitable for both beginners and experienced users. You can manage the database without coding with a simple and easy-to-use interface.