Observe data with Master-Detail Browser

Master-Detail Browser feature delivered in dbForge Studio for MySQL gives you an opportunity to view and analyze related data in:

  • parent tables or views,
  • related child tables or views,
  • self-referencing tables.

A separate master-detail document with the *.mdet extension is created once you open the Master-Detail Browser.

To open the browser, go to the Database menu, and then click Master-Detail Browser , or right click the required database objects in the Database Explorer window, select Send to, and then click Master-Detail Browser.

Working in Design View

On the left-hand side, dbForge Studio for MySQL displays the Database Explorer window from which you can drag tables and views onto the diagram.

Arrows between tables or views show existing relations between them. Besides, you can create links between columns yourself. To create a link, just drag a column from one object to a column in the other object that you want to link. Right-click the link to change its direction or to remove it completely.

Master-Detail Browser - Design View

Working in Data View

Switch to the Data tab to observe the data.

If you want to view only data that meets the certain criteria, write the WHERE condition in the corresponding field under the diagram. In this case only data that satisfies this criteria will be displayed.

If a table contains a large amount of data and you do not need to view all the data, you can set a fetch limit in the corresponding field under the diagram. The amount of memory, required to display the results, will be reduced.

To return to the design view, switch to the Design tab.

Master-Detail Browser - Data View

Sorting Data in Master-Detail Browser

Click the required column header to sort data by a particular column, change sotring direction, or stop sorting. Every next click changes the sorting operation.

Master-Detail Browser - Sorting Data

Filtering Data in Master-Detail Browser

Filtering allows you to display a subset of the records in the table that meet a particular criteria. When filtering is applied to a table, displayed records are restricted to those that meet the current filter criteria. To filter data against single or multiple columns, select a column's value from the filter drop down list. You can choose a suggested filter or customize your own one using the Custom AutoFilter window.

Master-Detail Browser - Filtering Data


Take the advantages of Master-Detail Browser where all data can be completely visualized with Design and Data application views. You can meet the feature implementation in the following editions of dbForge Studio for MySQL.