MySQL Administration GUI Tool for Efficient Administrator Work

MySQL IDE by Devart provides you with a feature-rich MySQL Admin Toolset to administer and manage MySQL server databases safely. It is designed for both developers and database administrators.

dbForge Studio for MySQL is an excellent tool that delivers advanced features for developing, administering, and managing MySQL and MariaDB databases. Using its admin tools, you can:

  • Perform database backups quickly and without extra efforts
  • Manage users accounts
  • Track all running processes in databases
  • Export and import data
  • Move a database from one server to another

Admin software for backing up and restoring data

In dbForge Studio for MySQL, you can easily create backups with the Database Backup Wizard. To save your time, you can also schedule MySQL database backups. The tool allows you to keep configured settings and connections as a project to use them from the command line. Learn more about how to back up a MySQL database on the MySQL Dump Tool for Database Administrators page.

The process of data recovery is as simple as the backup process, thanks to the Database Restore Wizard. dbForge Studio for MySQL allows you not only to restore MySQL databases via its interface but also to generate the command to restore data via the CLI.

Toolset for the MySQL
user administration

Administering MySQL users and privileges can be a challenging task until you try the Security Manager functionality integrated into dbForge Studio for MySQL. The tool allows you to improve the management and security of MySQL databases.

With Security Manager, you can:

  • Simplify the administration and reduce errors
  • Increase the security of MySQL databases
  • Grant privileges in MySQL to users easily
  • Speed up your work and upgrade productivity

MySQL Session Manager

In the Session Manager window, you can keep track of all current processes in a database. It displays a table view of each process parameter, including the id, user, host, database, command, time, state, and info.

It is useful for detecting troublesome queries that consume lots of server power and make other queries run slowly or cripple new connections. You can use the MySQL SHOW PROCESSLIST command to show running queries in MySQL. Select a query id from Session Manager to terminate it using the KILL command.

Server configuration

The View Server Variables functionality, which is built in dbForge Studio for MySQL, allows you to view and modify the MySQL system and status variables. System variables indicate how a MySQL server is configured. Some of them can be changed dynamically when the server is running. Status variables provide information about MySQL server operations.

You can easily adjust server configuration according to your needs. The functionality lets you group variables by categories and export them to an external file. Thus, you will be able to view and edit variables with the help of the Data Export Wizard.

Service Control

dbForge Studio for MySQL makes it possible to administer several MySQL servers on different computers with the Service Control feature. The Service Control window displays services on local and remote computers. Using this feature, you can perform the following operations:

  • Start, stop, and restart services
  • Add a new service to the Server Control list
  • Associate connections with a service

Simple interface to administer server connections

The Database Explorer window displays all server connections and the list of all MySQL databases. With its help, you can easily:

  • Change connection properties
  • Add and remove connections
  • Navigate through the connections tree
  • View information about database objects
  • Filter objects in the list

Tables maintenance

The Table Maintenance functionality delivered by dbForge Studio for MySQL allows you to perform the following tasks:

  • Analyze and store the key distribution for tables
  • Reduce storage space and improve I/O efficiency when
    accessing tables
  • Check tables for errors
  • Report checksum for contents of the tables
  • Repair corrupted tables

Data export and import

You can export data from tables to 14 widely used formats. With the help of the Data Export Wizard provided in dbForge Studio for MySQL, it's possible to customize the export options and save them as a template file.

The Data Import Wizard makes the import process fast and safe. There is the possibility to import MySQL data from 10 commonly used formats. To save your time and effort, you can automate the import process.

More about Data Export and Import Tools »

Find database data
and objects feature

There is a powerful built-in search feature in dbForge Studio for MySQL. It helps you look for database data in different types of objects: tables, views, functions, procedures, triggers, events, columns, indexes, and constraints. To start searching, open the Search window, choose the required database and the object type, and then enter your request. If required, you can configure the search conditions, such as Match Case, Match Whole Word, and Use WildCards. Also, it's possible strengthen the search process by specifying additional search criteria.

Copy a MySQL database to
the same or another server

dbForge Studio for MySQL has the Copy Databases functionality that allows you to transfer MySQL databases from one server to another. With the functionality, you can also identify duplicate data and remove it from the target database.

The copying process is so simple that you just need to specify the source and target connections, select the desired database or several databases, and set additional options. Thus, you can reduce resources on database provisioning and save your time.

Best admin client for Windows

dbForge Studio for MySQL is one of the best MySQL admin clients on the market. The tool is compatible with the following Windows versions: 7, 8, 8.1, 10, and 11.

dbForge Studio for MySQL works with several versions of Windows Servers, such as 2008, 2012, 2016, 2019, and 2022. Also, the tool can work with Linux and macOS via a Microsoft Windows compatibility layer called CrossOver.

Best Admin Client


dbForge Studio for MySQL is a multifunctional IDE for resolving different database tasks. It is a toolset that helps create and execute queries, develop and debug stored routines, automate database object and process management, compare and synchronize databases, analyze and edit table data, and much more.

dbForge Studio for MySQL

The most intelligent tool for database administration.
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Security Manager to administer
user accounts and privileges
Server Variables window
Service control for starting and
stopping MySQL servers
Table maintenance wizard and flush dialog