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MySQL Administration Tool for Efficient Work!

dbForge Studio for MySQL provides you with a feature-rich MySQL Admin Tool Set to administer and manage MySQL server databases in a secure and easy way. It is designed for both developers and database administrators. A user-friendly graphical interface allows you to perform SQL queries and scripts, manage privileges, export and back up data, manipulate user accounts, manage MySQL services, etc.

Backup and Restore

Create backups and manage backup scripts with the Database Backup wizard. It will help to keep your data safe.
Learn more about how to back up a MySQL database at the MySQL backup tool page.

User Administration

Administering user accounts and privileges is a routine and important task. Security Manager helps you add and remove user accounts, change their properties, and assign privileges in no time.

Server Configuration

The Server Variables window allows you to adjust server configurations in accordance to your needs.

Service Control

Administer several MySQL servers on different computers with our Service Control window. It displays added services of local and remote computers. Use the Service Control window to manage MySQL services:

  • Start, stop and restart services
  • Add a new service
  • Associate connections with a service

Server Connections

The Database Explorer window displays all server connections. It is quite easy to:

  • Change connection properties
  • Add and remove connections
  • Navigate through the connections tree

Table Maintenance

The tool allows you to perform the following tasks:

  • Analyze tables
  • Check tables for errors
  • Optimize data files
  • Repaire corrupted tables

Data Export and Import

You can choose a data format while exporting or importing data. Specify other additional data export and import options with corresponding tools wizards.

More about Data Export and Import Tools »

Find Database Data and Objects Feature

Use the Search window to search through the database and find both, required objects and data. Facilitate a search process by specifying additional search criteria.