Database Projects for MySQL Server

The Database Projects functionality has significantly improved database development. A database project represents a database schema with extended opportunities for offline schema development.

  • Improve the readability of database objects, aliases, variables, and users while preserving meaning with the refactoring feature
  • Use a MySQL version control system for the efficient database team development
  • Customize a MySQL database project for deploying to various versions of SQL Server with multiple configurations
  • Simplify working with SQL scripts by using automatic syntax check in SQL scripts, check of schema objects references in all statements, check for any object duplicates, etc.
  • Use the scripts folder to export a database project to a SQL script file

Introduction to Database Projects

A database project is a collection of logically organized SQL scripts and query files, which are used both to create a new database and to update an existing one. Database projects can be created from scratch or imported from a database. They offer a lot of features that propel quick and convenient database development and SQL editing. Watch the video see it all in action.

10 Benefits You Get from Database Projects

1. Logically organized scripts and query files in one place. Quick access to SQL scripts and database objects.

2. Developing databases in offline mode within a fully customizable environment.

3. Several database project outputs (they are used to deploy all the project changes to a database on the server): a single ready-to-deploy script, a set of scripts with a batch to run it in the MySQL Command-Line Tool or in dbForge Studio, etc. You can adjust the build output specific to your needs.

Database Projects MySQL outputs

4. Various customizable configurations. You should select the required connection and settings in a project configuration once, so the next time you can use the required configuration and escape manual tuning of all the settings.

5. Automatic validation of database project syntax and object references during building or comparing a database project in MySQL. You can rename tables, views, columns of tables and views, aliases, stored routines, local variables, triggers, events, and users. Statements that reference a renamed object will be automatically updated in all the project scripts. Text strings and comments, containing the object's name, will be updated too.

6. Adjustable build configuration. The project can include all files of your solution and you can include only necessary files to the output in different configurations.

Database Projects in MySQL - Adjustable build configuration

7. Convenient and facile database deployment to the server. You can deploy either the entire project or the changes you have made to the server.

To make the deployment easier, you can set a server version to generate SQL statements, using the syntax of this server version, as well as configure or import project settings. Also, the Database tab allows you to rename the target database and select the recreate database option to ensure database integrity. Use our tutorial - Modern Approach to Database Development - to learn more about procedures to work with database projects.

Database Projects in MySQL - Convenient database deployment

8. Comparison of a MySQL project with a required database or a scripts folder with subfolders for each object type. You can get a synchronization script and deploy database changes.

9. Project sample provided in dbForge Studio for MySQL Trial! Use this path to find the sample:
"C:\Users\User_Name\Documents\dbForge Studio for MySQL\Projects\Sakila\"

10. Database project is a modern and dynamically developing technology. You have a chance to contribute to concept development.

Database Projects MySQL - Comparing a database project with a database


Database Projects available in dbForge Studio for MySQL fully meet modern database development standards. With the Database Projects functionality, MySQL database development is a clear and logical process that allows you to facilely and efficiently:

  • Create a database project in the wizard, either empty or with database objects imported from a database.
  • Manage SQL scripts and query files in the project and edit their contents.
  • Build the ready project to create a script that will deploy all the project changes to the database on the server.
  • Deploy either the entire project or only required changes to the server.

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