Database Designer
for MySQL

Database Designer helps you design and visualize a database and create many-to-many relationships between tables with a simple drag and drop to a diagram and without writing complex code.

dbForge Studio for MySQL provides you with the ultimate MySQL database design tool - Database Designer - which helps you handle a number of operations.

  • Create schema diagrams of any complexity
  • Design and edit a database structure visually
  • Add and view foreign key relations between tables
  • Display database objects and their properties clearly on a MySQL database diagram
  • Execute stored routines easily
  • Reverse engineer MySQL database diagram

Visualize database design with diagrams

Watch the video to see Database Designer in action. Learn how it helps you design a database model and get the simplest and easiest way to create, analyze, reverse-engineer, print, customize, and perform any database development tasks. With this data modeling tool, you can drastically save your time and prevent errors in database design.

Reverse engineer MySQL databases with single drag'n'drop

MySQL GUI by Devart allows you to design and analyze a logical and physical database model with a simple drag-and-drop of database objects from the Database Explorer tree to a Database Diagram. The MySQL Database Designer automatically finds table joins and displays them on the MySQL database diagram. With the tool, you can:

  • Keep track of relations between database objects
  • Save the diagram to a .dbd file or quickly generate an SQL script without writing a complex code
  • Create database documentation and generate it in HTML, PDF, or Markdown file formats for later use
Reverse engineer MySQL database in the diagram

Use a diagram for navigation

To easily navigate through all database objects, make the diagram clearer on a screen, and scale the diagram, you can use:

  • Zoom in and Zoom out on the shortcut menu or on the Standard menu
  • Scrollbars on the diagram
  • Mouse while holding the middle wheel
  • Diagram Overview window where you can drag the area of the diagram with a mouse
  • Document Outline to navigate between tables and their joins

Try the MySQL database modeling tool and experience convenience, speed, and design at its best.

Navigate through all database objects on the diagram easily and quickly

Update databases instantly

The MySQL database diagram in dbForge Studio is a database representation that is synchronized with a server in real time. This allows you to see the most recent updates, even the ones made by other users, and update the MySQL schema design instantly.

Update databases on a server in real time

Design database schemas of any complexity

With the MySQL database diagram tool, it is convenient to organize almost any number of objects on the diagram and create complex MySQL schemas, including:

  • Unlimited database designer for MySQL surface
  • Automatic object layout
  • Containers with the embedding ability for logical object grouping
  • Virtual relations
Group database schemas and create multiple table relations on the diagram

Print, glue, and pin up on
the wall

To view how database objects will be positioned on the page in the printing mode, you can use the Display print markup option on the diagram toolbar. It will allow you to efficiently layout the objects before printing. Gray stripes can display the page overlapping between the sheets and special markup that will help you glue fragments of your diagram.

The tool allows adjusting page overlapping and print settings in the Options dialog box from the diagram shortcut menu.

Select a page markup mode for printing the page

Choose the best
diagram representation

In the MySQL visual editor of the Database Designer, the look and feel of your diagram and table shape can be changed to look in the way you need. You can customize the default options in the following ways:

  • Change background color, shape shadows, and diagram grid
  • Change a diagram skin: default, simple, and IDEF1X
  • Specify a relation notation: IE or IDEF1X
  • Add or hide table constraints, indexes, or triggers
  • Separate primary keys columns with a horizontal line or place with other columns
  • Adjust page settings and printing options
Customize the diagram representation

Add any auxiliary information via the MySQL
diagramming tool

Besides the database schema itself, you can insert some additional elements and information on the diagram that may include:

  • Note with your comments while creating a diagram or analyzing the database model. The note can also contain the hyperlink to a file.
  • Stamp that provides some information about a database diagram
  • Image such as a sketch of a new object
Insert some additional information for a database


dbForge Studio for MySQL offers a powerful database design tool for visual database development and management. The Database Designer for MySQL allows you to design a high-quality and logical database model along with database entities, storage parameters, and many-to-many relations. With the tool, performing database tasks, such as reverse engineering, exporting documentation to file formats, updating database structure, designing database tables, and much more becomes a simple and easy task.

dbForge Studio for MySQL

The most intelligent MySQL management tool

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