Database Designer for MySQL

Are you looking for a visual database designer for MySQL and hoping that it will also be a free MySQL data modeling tool? It's time to visualize your database structure and get the simplest way to create, analyze, reverse-engineer, print, customize, and do any database development tasks. All this is possible with a reliable MySQL database designer offered by dbForge Studio for MySQL. In addition, with a MySQL diagram tool you can create schema diagrams, add keys and relationships with several clicks.

MySQL Database Designer

Key Features

  • Visual design and editing
  • Viewing foreign key relations between tables
  • Clear display of database objects and their properties on a MySQL database diagram
  • Easy execution of stored routines
  • Available in a free Express edition!

MySQL Database Diagram

Reverse engineer MySQL databases with single drag'n'drop

To create a visual database representation, just drag a necessary database or a database object from the Database Explorer tree onto the database designer for MySQL surface. All objects and existing connections will be neatly reflected on the MySQL database diagram to simplify the further analysis.

dbForge Studio for MySQL - MySQL Database Diagram

Navigate easily and quickly

Any part of the diagram available on the database designer for MySQL surface can be displayed on a screen in any scale without using scroll bars, but only with a mouse scroll and a single key. Perform any action on the diagram using a keyboard. Try the MySQL database design tool and experience convenience, speed and design at its best.

Update databases instantly

The MySQL database diagram in dbForge Studio is a database representation that is synchronized with a server in real time. This allows you to see the most recent updates, even the ones made by other users, and update the database schema instantly.

Create database schemas of any complexity

It is convenient to organize almost any number of objects on the diagram thanks to the MySQL database diagram tool offered by our database designer for MySQL:

  • unlimited database designer for MySQL surface
  • automatic object layout
  • containers with the embedding ability for logical object grouping
  • virtual relations
Database schemas of any complexity

Print, glue, and pin up on the wall

Have a database schema too large to analyze on your screen? With our tool, that is not a problem anymore. Direct printing markup on the MySQL database diagram will allow you to efficiently layout the objects before printing. Overlapping between the sheets and special mark-up will help you glue fragments of your diagram.

Print, glue, and pin up on the wall

Choose the best diagram representation for yourself

State-of-the-art and friendly UI of the database designer for MySQL conveniently represents the diagram. There are three skins for database objects (including IDEF1x), and two types of notations for connections between them (IDEF1x and Crow's Foot).

Diagram representation

Add any auxiliary information to the MySQL database diagram

Besides the database schema itself, you can place sketches of new objects onto the database designer for MySQL surface, link any external documents to it, add stamps including document description.

Adding additional information for a database