MySQL Databases Synchronization in Minutes
with Sync Tools

The Data Comparison tool allows you to compare and synchronize data of two databases. Also, you can automate the synchronization process via the command-line interface. In addition, you can compare, analyze, and synchronize data schemas. For this just use our Schema Compare tool available in the dbForge MySQL Windows client. It will help you group and filter comparison results in the result grid and generate a comparison report.

It's critical to keep data integrity while working with databases. MySQL sync tools provided in dbForge Studio can significantly help you with it.

Read the guide and you'll learn:

  • Why it's so important to synchronize MySQL databases
  • What tools to use to speed up and simplify MySQL database synchronization
  • How to quickly synchronize MySQL databases with dbForge Studio for MySQL
  • How to maintain data consistency
  • How to synchronize MySQL databases automatically from the CLI
  • How to synchronize MySQL table data between two databases
    with the Data Comparison tool

How to sync two MySQL databases

Each IT project has at least two development environments: staging and production. The same thing is for databases. If your product deals with a MySQL database, then you should have such a database on staging.

But if the product is in development, the database schema will be modified. Thus, it becomes harder to keep database data relevant. To make it easier to maintain the development database, it's better to sync it regularly with the production one. When you configure the synchronization process, data in the development database will be identical to the data you have in the production one.

Sync two MySQL databases

MySQL databases
synchronization methods

The database synchronization process assures data availability and accuracy. It’s an ongoing process that you should apply to existing and new data. To keep data consistent, you can synchronize two or several MySQL databases, multiple MySQL databases that reside on different SQL server instances, a local MySQL database with a server one, etc.

Synching database schemas and tables can help you increase the productivity and efficiency of the development team and minimize the risks of distributing errors to production systems. With synchronization of schema and project, you can deploy a project gradually. If you change your project after deploying it, you don’t need to redeploy the entire database or manually edit and apply the changes. Instead, you may compare schema and project and then synchronize schema with the project.

MySQL database synchronization methods

MySQL databases
synchronization tools

No doubt that everyone who works with MySQL server databases encounters situations when database schema and data should be synchronized. When this happens, you start appreciating a reliable database synchronization tool you can use in any complex situation. To do this, we offer MySQL Sync tools that are supplied with dbForge Studio.

With dbForge Schema Compare for MySQL, you can manage comparison results – group and filter them in the comparison grid, compare object DDL, preview a synchronization script to check the correctness of comparison results and generate a report to keep records of schema changes.

dbForge Data Compare for MySQL allows comparing and synchronizing data of MySQL databases. After you compare data, you will get comparison results in comparison grids or, optionally, you may generate a report to view the data comparison results. Additionally, the MySQL Data Compare tool provides you with a possibility to automatically run database synchronization with the Windows Task Scheduler.

MySQL databases synchronization tools

The fastest way to synchronize databases with dbForge Studio for MySQL

Using dbForge Studio for MySQL, you can easily synchronize two databases:

Step 1. Navigate to Comparison > New Schema Comparison.
Step 2. Choose a type, connection, and database in the Source and Target columns, then click Compare.
Step 3. Select objects to be synchronized and, on the Comparison toolbar, click Synchronize.
Step 4. In the Schema Synchronization Wizard, customize the options and click Next.
Step 5. Select where to output the synchronization script - open in the editor, save for future execution,
or immediately execute it.

Tune databases
synchronization and comparison

Database synchronization establishes data consistency between two databases. In other words, it's a process, during which records are automatically transferred from a source database to a target one.

If data is modified in any way, changes must be applied to all databases to avoid possible errors and malfunctions. That's why the data synchronization process must guarantee accurate and secure data.

With the Data Comparison tool, you can compare and synchronize data of two databases. For your convenience, you can do it automatically by using the command-line interface. If you want to view summarized results of data comparison, you can simply create a report.

MySQL database synchronization methods

Synchronize MySQL databases automatically via the command-line interface

With the command-line option and the Windows Task Scheduler, you can set up daily synchronization between two MySQL servers. This way schema and data synchronization will be done without your help. To check the result of the synchronization process, you can use logs generated by dbForge IDE for MySQL.

Sync tables between
MySQL databases

To synchronize tables in two databases:

1. Navigate to Comparison > New Data Comparison.

2. In the Data Comparison Wizard window, select the required options in the Source and Target tabs.

3. Click Compare and select objects to synchronize.

4. Launch the Synchronization Wizard by clicking Synchronize.

5. Select the required option depending on the deployment process you'd like to follow and click Synchronize.

6. Refresh comparison results to ensure the deployment script has been applied successfully.


With the sync tools included in dbForge Studio for MySQL, you can easily compare and synchronize data and schema in MySQL. Data Compare and Schema Compare for MySQL make the synchronization process clear, fast, and simple. Also, the tools allow you to automate your sync tasks via the command-line interface.

Besides Data Compare and Schema Compare, dbForge Studio for MySQL provides many other features that you can find useful for database administration and development.

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