MySQL database schema compare and diff tool

dbForge Studio for MySQL incorporates an exemplary MySQL schema synchronization tool allowing you to quickly and easily compare schemas of two databases, analyze the differences, and deploy changes.

Take database schema comparison and synchronization to a whole new level with the rich functionality of dbForge Studio for MySQL.

  • Compare and synchronize live MySQL databases and scripts folders
  • Deploy changes to MySQL, MariaDB, and Percona
  • Automate and schedule database synchronization
  • Generate schema migration scripts
  • Synchronize databases of any size quickly and flawlessly
  • Generate a schema comparison report in a required format

Introduction to Schema Compare

Whether you need to sync changes or just study the differences between two MySQL or MariaDB databases, the Schema Compare tool that comes with the Studio helps you do the job swiftly and accurately by displaying how each database object has changed, down to individual SQL differences. Watch the video to see Schema Compare in action!

A wide number of supported objects

dbForge schema diff tool allows you to compare the structure of two MySQL or MariaDB databases in a few clicks. It will immediately report on any missing or mismatching database object.

Objects to compare and sync:

  • Tables
  • Views
  • Functions
  • Triggers
  • Events
  • Stored Procedures
  • Sequences
  • Packages
  • Permissions

MySQL database comparison tool - compare tables, views, functions, sequences, packages, stored procedures, triggers, events, permissions

Convenient schema diffs analysis

dbForge Studio for MySQL displays the schema discrepancies in a comprehensive result grid allowing you to swiftly spot and analyze the differences. Thus, the tool significantly cuts the decision-making time and helps arrive at a well-balanced solution concerning the changes to be deployed.

Manage comparison results effectively:

  • Filter and sort objects in the result grid
  • Exclude objects from synchronization
  • Search across database objects
  • View the SQL diffs

MySQL schema compare tool - schema diffs analysis

Export the comparison results

dbForge MySQL schema diff tool that comes with dbForge Studio for MySQL enables you to generate comparison reports in the three most common formats so that you could easily share and analyze them with your team.

  • CSV
  • Excel
  • HTML

The generated report will give you the possibility to later inspect and analyze the differences between the source and target databases in more detail. You can also use reports for maintaining records of the database development process.

MySQL schema synchronization tool - export comparison results

Configurable schema synchronization

A comprehensible Schema Synchronization wizard will guide you through the process of setting up schema diffs deployment. The tool's rich set of options allows configuring schema synchronization to meet the most demanding needs.

  • Select the synchronization output
  • View and include dependent objects
  • Add scripts to be executed before and\or after the deployment
  • Inspect sync action plan and warnings
MySQL compare schema in two databases - Configure the sync

Schedule and automate schema compare and sync

dbForge Studio for MySQL supports a command-line interface allowing you to access the functionality of the UI tool and thus embrace schema comparison tasks automation and scheduling.

  • Save MySQL schema comparison and\or synchronization settings as a .bat file
  • Use Command Prompt or PowerShell for automatic comparisons or synchronizations
  • Schedule the .bat file execution with Windows Task Scheduler or another scheduler program
MySQL schema diff tool - MySQL schema sync automation and scheduling

How to compare two MySQL databases

Step 1
Select the Source and Target databases
Step 2
View the results and select objects to sync
Step 3
Run Schema Synchronization Wizard


dbForge Studio for MySQL can boast a bunch of advanced features for MySQL databases synchronization, data and schema migrations, comparison and synchronization tasks automation and scheduling along with other vital tools for MySQL database development! Try the Studio out and get this incredible functionality all in one.

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