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dbForge Studio for MySQL helps you code less and accomplish more with its advanced IntelliSense-style code autocompletion, smart refactoring, alias management, code highlighting, and instant syntax check. This tool was designed to make your daily coding several times faster.

A rich selection of database design tools help you instantly create database diagrams, objects, projects, as well as efficiently compare and synchronize database schemas - invaluable for the daily work of a database developer.

Query Builder is an advanced visual tool that helps you generate MySQL queries of any complexity on a visual diagram without any coding. You can build, group, and arrange complex tables, create JOINs, as well as add and update conditions using an intuitive drag-and-drop interface.

You can easily import and export data from/to tables and views of your MySQL databases. dbForge Studio supports 10 and 14 formats for import and export respectively, including text, MS Excel, XML, CSV, and DBF. Get things done easily with a convenient wizard - and a multitude of customization options will make it even more flexible.

dbForge Studio helps you save time, effort, and reduce errors with MySQL Debugger. This tool allows investigating the run-time behavior of your database objects and locating logic errors. You can also benefit from step-by-step execution, call stack browsing, breakpoints, and watches.

Query Profiler generates profiling results that can help you analyze and maximize query performance in MySQL and MariaDB databases. This tool allows collecting detailed statistics about executed queries, find and force slow queries, and troubleshoot performance issues easily.

The customizable backup and restore functionality of dbForge Studio works both with database schemas and data. All operations can be easily scheduled and automated via the command-line interface.

dbForge Studio offers the easiest way to compare and synchronize MySQL databases. For both data and database schemas, you can easily manage comparison results, compare object DDL, preview synchronization scripts, and generate reports to keep a record of data and schema changes.

Besides developer's tools, dbForge Studio provides everything for effective database administration. You can manage accounts, set up permissions, monitor open sessions and their activity, as well as perform table maintenance.

dbForge Studio for MySQL makes data analysis and reporting far less time-consuming with a slew of handy features: a comprehensive data report wizard, a report designer, pivot tables, and a chart designer. The Studio also supports automated report generation via the command-line interface.

Data Generator is a powerful tool that helps populate MySQL databases with massive volumes of meaningful, realistic test data. It includes a collection of 200+ predefined data generators with highly customizable configuration options.

MySQL video tutorials on YouTube

Introductory tutorial

Start your MySQL learning path with the introductory video that describes the key features of dbForge Studio for MySQL.

Creating a simple connection

Learn how to establish a new connection, select a proper encoding, and verify this connection.

Creating an HTTP connection

Learn how to upload a PHP file to a host, establish and verify an HTTP connection.

Creating a new MySQL user

Learn how to create a new user and manage user privileges using Security Manager.

Creating a MySQL table

Learn how to create a MySQL table and add columns to it using dbForge Studio for MySQL.

Creating a MySQL database

Learn how to create a MySQL database and verify it using dbForge Studio for MySQL.

Creating a MySQL foreign key

Get a complete tutorial on how to create a foreign key between two MySQL tables in the visual editor.

Managing users with MySQL Security Manager

Learn how to manage MySQL user accounts and grant user privileges in Security Manager.

Developing MySQL databases with database projects

Get a full tutorial on developing a MySQL database using database projects.

Optimizing MySQL queries

Learn how to optimize MySQL queries and boost database performance with Query Profiler.

Debugging MySQL procedures

Learn how to debug stored procedures in dbForge Studio using MySQL Debugger.

Comparing and synchronizing schemas

Learn how to compare and synchronize MySQL and MariaDB schemas and automate these operations via CLI.

Comparing and synchronizing data

Learn how to compare data in MySQL and MariaDB databases and synchronize changes using dbForge Studio for MySQL.

Backing up a MySQL database

Learn how to backup and restore databases using dbForge Studio for MySQL.

Exporting and importing data

Learn how to import and export data using the Data Export and Import tools in dbForge Studio for MySQL.

Designing MySQL charts

Learn how to create a pivot table for a query, design a chart in the pivot table, and adjust chart settings.

Creating an SSH connection

Learn how to access a remote MySQL server over an SSH tunnel using dbForge Studio for MySQL.

Reverse engineering of MySQL objects

Learn how to reverse-engineer MySQL database objects via dbForge Studio for MySQL.

Migrating MySQL databases

Learn how to transfer databases between MySQL, MariaDB, Amazon Aurora, and Amazon RDS.

Using Session Manager

Learn how to manage queries and processes using MySQL Session Manager of dbForge Studio for MySQL.

MySQL table maintenance

Learn how to perform MySQL maintenance tasks with the help of dbForge Studio for MySQL.

Learn MySQL basics step by step

The self-study of MySQL database development and administration has never been easier. Check the following step-by-step tutorial and learn to handle the most common operations with dbForge Studio at your service.

dbForge Studio for MySQL

The most intelligent IDE for MySQL and MariaDB