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CASHPOINT Solutions develops, supplies and maintains the core technology as well as related services behind successful operators in the gaming industry. As an ISO 27001 certified company, they help operators to achieve their business objectives by providing tailored and comprehensive platform solutions. The company builds upon a proprietary in-house platform forming the base for partners operating in land-based and digital channels.

The CASHPOINT Solutions team were in search of a cost-effective replacement for an open-source database management tool, whose features were not sufficient enough to cover their growing needs and reduce manual work. However, they were about to find a new tool set that would deliver automation and speed up their management routine - dbForge Studio.

"Why did we choose dbForge tools for our MySQL management? First, they provided us with easy schema and data comparison and synchronization. Second, simplified support + bugfixing. Finally, automation of our operations."
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Stefan Waldbeck, Head of System Administration
The database management team used to face lots of time-consuming manual work.
Increased responsiveness. With dbForge tools delivering automation of routine tasks, the team became more efficient at handling urgent requests.

The team's then-current tool offered no options of scheme and data synchronization. There were no reliable backup features either.
Consistency and integrity of data and schemas. Drastically reduced number of errors through asynchronous schemas.

As a result, they had to proceed extremely carefully, which began to slow down the entire process. They started looking for a solution that would help them to catch up.
Plenty of saved time. dbForge introduced a set of features that help database teams be more productive, retrieving and handling data twice as fast.

Key features Stefan is excited about

Schema Comparison

Stefan's team found dbForge Schema Compare invaluable when it came to giving a comprehensive picture of differences in MySQL database schemas and generating sync scripts for timely updates.

Data Comparison

Another tool that proved vital was dbForge Data Compare, designed for easy comparison, analysis, and synchronization of data in various databases and scripts folders.


This feature allows to dump databases in SQL format and schedule regular MySQL database backups, with five levels of file compression and a rich set of fine-tuning options.

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