How MACROPAGE handles database design and development with dbForge Studio for MySQL


About the customer

The CEO of MACROPAGE — Michael Bladowski — has more than 20 years of development experience, having spent over 15 years as an eBay developer managing over 800k eBay items. His company focuses on backend development for eCommerce solutions, development of middleware that manages data transfer between different systems, DevOps, database development and administration.

Challenges faced

Michael was in search of a suitable MySQL client for Windows that would speed up his daily operations and expand his capabilities as a database developer. Over time he tried every single Windows client for MySQL development, but none of them was the perfect solution to the challenges he faced.

Absence of tools for fast data import and export in multiple formats
The need to build complex database structures
Absence of proper visual tools that would speed up the design of new databases

Eventually, the search led him to dbForge Studio for MySQL, which addressed his requirements most precisely. It did everything it was made for — it delivered tons of features, rich visual tools, as well as effortless data import, export, and comparison.

"Working with raw data finally became super easy. Database design, import, export, and comparison of data is something that helps a lot in the daily life of a database administrator, and I got all that in a single tool. dbForge Studio is — for me — the best MySQL client on this planet!"
Michael Bladowski
Michael Bladowski
CEO & Developer at MACROPAGE

Results achieved

dbForge Studio became the tool that Michael would highly recommend to any specialist who deals with the development and administration of MySQL and MariaDB databases. In addition to the essential features described below, Michael noted the advantages of Devart as a software vendor — regular product updates and responsive support service.

Key features Michael is excited about

Code autocompletion

dbForge Studio for MySQL offers smart IntelliSense-style code completion functionality. It includes context-aware phrase completion, instant syntax check, alias management, code refactoring and highlighting.

Visual Database Designer

Database Designer considerably simplified Michael's daily activities, such as building database diagrams and synchronizing database schemas, designing tables and building queries with a visual editor.

Database comparison

Comparison of database schemas and actual data is one of the primary features of dbForge Studio. The corresponding tools help find differences in databases, schedule regular synchronization tasks, and generate detailed comparison reports.

Data import and export in multiple formats

Every user of dbForge Studio gets data import and export features with a diversity of customization options. 10 most popular formats can be used for data import, while the export output encompasses 14 formats.

dbForge Studio for MySQL

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