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Discover dbForge Edge, a comprehensive tool for database development, management, and administration.

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Feature Highlights

Database administration is a complex and time-consuming work that requires high skills and experience. That's why dbForge Edge provides professional SQL Server administration tools for secure database management.
Creation of data reports and pivot tables, as well as data comparison, may take much time and effort. Our MS SQL database client provides the IDE that allows boosting productivity with the help of the following tools:
Implement database CI/CD and improve performance by automating build and deployment processes using dbForge Edge.
Handling daily development tasks has never been easier. dbForge Edge help you build, edit, and run queries, as well as measure and optimize query performance.
Database design tools that come with dbForge Edge help you instantly create database diagrams, objects, projects, as well as efficiently compare and synchronize database schemas.
With the following features, you can manage accounts, set up permissions, monitor open sessions and their activity, as well as perform table maintenance. In addition, it is possible to back up and restore databases to/from backup files.
dbForge Edge makes analysis and reporting far less time-consuming with the following features:
Write and format code on the fly, debug procedures, functions, and triggers, and eliminate bottlenecks with:
Design Oracle databases visually, build queries in a few clicks, create and edit database objects with:
Design data reports, charts, pivot tables with parameters, customizable formatting, and calculated summaries. dbForge Edge includes the following tools for efficient data reporting and analysis:
If you use a dbForge Edge, you will save your time and improve code quality when creating and editing queries with the following features:
dbForge Edge has a set of database management tools that help DBAs protect data and resolve problems before they harm your databases.
Generate large volumes of meaningful test data with a great choice of predefined generators. Their sensible configuration options allow to emulate column-intelligent real-world data. Moreover, visualize query execution plan and tune query performance, locate bottlenecks and optimize slow queries.
dbForge Edge makes analysis and reporting far less time-consuming with the following features:
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