PostgreSQL Reporting And Visualization Tools

Harness the full potential of your PostgreSQL databases with powerful BI and data analysis tools from dbForge.

Ensure the effectiveness of your PostgreSQL databases and create new strategies for improving them with the help of our data report generation solutions that allow you to quickly organize information in convenient, fully customizable visualizations. We offer many useful tools, for example, Query Profiler that help you analyse your data. The following tools help you understand data better and share this understanding with others in an easily readable format:

  • Visual Report Designer
  • Visual Chart Designer
  • Visual Pivot Designer
  • Exporting Data Reports to Various Formats
Postgresql data visualization reports that you can generate with Report Builder.

Data Reporting Workflow

Firstly, the Data Report wizard will allow you to create a report template that's fitted exactly to your requirements - be it a static or a data-bound report.

After that, you can fill the report with actual data and visualize data relations with the Report Designer, Chart Designer, and pivot table functionality.

When a report is created, you can save it to a file of a required format that you can choose from a list of most widely-used formats.

PostgreSQL reporting tools

The Data Report wizard is a tool to quickly start you off with building a base PostgreSQL report structure specific to your current needs.

The Report Designer provides a variety of elements (or controls) and editing tools to make a PostgreSQL report comprehensive both on the level of the amount of included data and visual appearance.

The Chart Designer allows you to represent data dependencies and pivot information of tables as charts with a high degree of customization.

The Pivot Table creation capabilities are a quick way to rearrange data in specific ways you may require while working with database visualization

PostgreSQL Report Builder

The Report Builder allows you to create three main types of reports:

A static report is not connected to actual data and can contain visual elements like text, pictures, table of contents, shapes, and others.

A data-aware report is bound to data and, as such, can visualize it with the help of tables, charts, gauges, and interactive elements.

A master-detail report is the most inclusive and informative of these types. A detail table must be provided for a master-detail report to work.

The Report Builder also allows you to save your finished reports in one of many file formats supported by the tool.


dbForge Studio for PostgreSQL provides an array of tools for making the process of data reporting and visualization simple and the resulting reports highly customizable and readable. You can visualize complex data relations and share the reports with other specialists who may need to get a more in-depth knowledge about your databases.

dbForge Studio for PostgreSQL

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