Query Optimization with PostgreSQL Profiler

Query Profiler functionality helps trace, recreate, and troubleshoot problems in PostgreSQL Server. With the PostgreSQL Profiler tool, you can quickly and easily identify productivity bottlenecks and thus boost your database performance.

In order to tune Postgres queries in the most effective way, you can start with identifying queries that have the longest duration. PostgreSQL Profiler built into dbForge Studio for PostgreSQL helps accomplish this task in a few clicks. Next, you can analyze the queries to determine whether they can be optimized. For your convenience, the tool allows comparing the results before and after optimization. Stop wasting time on diagnosing and debugging - get the clear and automated way to profile your queries. With PostgreSQL Profiler you can:

  • Quickly check PostgreSQL query performance
  • Compare query profiling results visually
  • Effectively analyze your PostgreSQL queries
  • Achieve PostgreSQL query optimization
  • Drastically improve PostgreSQL query performance
  • PostgreSQL Profiler is compatible with Microsoft Windows XP/7/8/8.1/10

Optimize PostgreSQL Queries

In this video, you will see how the PostgreSQL Query Profiler works. It's a functionality built into dbForge Studio for PostgreSQL that helps DBAs and developers troubleshoot slow-running queries to optimize performance. The Query Profiler tool has a graphical interface that shows each step of the execution plan of a Postgres query.

PostgreSQL performance tuning

Have long-running queries that hang onto locks much longer than expected? It's high time to turn to Query Profiler. Profiling results are displayed conveniently on a separate tab of your SQL document, so you can easily navigate to your query and other tabs if needed without having to switch to additional windows and documents. PostgreSQL performance tuning is now simpler than ever.

Postgres query performance tuning tool

PostgreSQL query plan

The PostgreSQL query analyzer tool offers the ability to capture query plan information in a graphical format. The tree gives a high level overview of the execution plan hierarchy. You can then use this information to improve PostgreSQL query performance or troubleshoot problems.

Postgres Profiler query plan analyzer

Query execution diagram

The diagram displays the cost of all operations as a percentage of the total batch cost. It shows the operations performed by the query and the data passed between them. For each operation, the diagram depicts:

  • relative cost (query execution time)
  • I/O cost
  • CPU cost
  • number of records
  • row size
PostgreSQL Profiler GUI - check query execution time in PostgreSQL

Compare query profiling results visually

The key point in PostgreSQL performance optimization is viewing the differences in profiling results after you change your query. Each time you get profiling results for the executed query, they appear in the tree view as a new node with time and date of query execution. With Query Profiler, you can quickly and efficiently compare the profiling results.

Compare query profiling results with PostgreSQL query optimization tool

Top operations list

Top operations list shows an ordered list of the most expensive operations. The PostgreSQL tuning tool by Devart allows you to quickly view the most expensive operations and optimize your code accordingly. Sort the list by CPU, I/O and other costs to get a full picture for your analysis. By default, the list is ordered by the highest estimated cost.

PostgreSQL performance tuning tool

PostgreSQL execution plan in the XML format

Query Profiler has an option to display execution plans in XML format. The XML plan format can be very useful if you need to send plan details to someone in your team or if you want to save the plan and review it later.

Use PostgreSQL query analyzer tool for tracing PostgreSQL queries and save execution plan in the XML format


dbForge Studio for PostgreSQL has robust built-in capabilities for query profiling and optimization. You can improve your queries performance without much effort. More than that, PostgreSQL query profiler feature allows you to view the differences in profiling results after you change your query. All this functionality is provided in dbForge Studio for PostgreSQL along with other extremely useful database management tools and features.

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