Data Import and Export Tools for PostgreSQL

Enjoy simple and seamless data migration and benefit from an easy way to fill your PostgreSQL databases with external source data.

A salient feature of the PostgreSQL Import/Export tool, built into dbForge Studio for PostgreSQL, is that it supports file transfer between the most frequently used data formats (Text, MS Excel, XML, CSV, JSON, etc.) and allows saving templates for repetitive export and import jobs. With the tool, you can easily:

  • Migrate data from other servers
  • Customize import and export jobs
  • Save templates for recurring scenarios
  • Populate new tables with data

Supported File Formats


dbForge Studio for PostgreSQL has advanced built-in features for exporting and importing data for different cases and scenarios. The Data Import and Export functionality provided in the Studio significantly facilitates filling databases with data and migrating Postgres data between databases. Boost your productivity and accelerate your results with dbForge Studio for PostgreSQL.

dbForge Studio for PostgreSQL

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Availability in the editions of dbForge Studio for PostgreSQL


Data Export to 14+ file formats
Partial Support
Data Import from 10+ file formats
Partial Support

* CSV format has no restrictions for data export and import, for other formats only first 50 rows are processed. User templates are not supported.