Format and validate your SQL with PostgreSQL Formatter

Stop wasting time on manually typing and re-formatting your code. PostgreSQL Formatter with advanced auto completion capabilities is here for you!

It is highly important to retain code readability at the stage of writing it. We offer many useful tools, for example, Query Profiler that help you analyse your data. Taking care of code formatting, syntax check, and code completion, the Postgres SQL formatter feature built-in
dbForge Studio for PostgreSQL will let you stay focused on the task. Along with other useful database management features, you get:

  • A robust PostgreSQL formatter
  • An advanced PostgreSQL syntax checker
  • An error-free PostgreSQL query validator
  • Sophisticated code completion capabilities
  • A useful Code snippets option
  • Pretty Print SQL Query syntax support

dbForge Studio for PostgreSQL

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PostgreSQL Formatting

Propel your scripting abilities with the advanced options of PostgreSQL code formatter that allow you to fine-tune your formatting to get it exactly how you like it. With the tool, you can easily format PostgreSQL queries and make your code clear and accurate. More than that, PostgreSQL beautifier feature allows you to share formatting styles with your colleagues to enforce common layout and coding standards within your team.

PostgreSQL Formatter and beautifier feature allows you to make your code clear and accurate and share formatting styles with your colleagues

PostgreSQL syntax check and validation

The sophisticated Syntax check option helps eliminate mistakes and produce a robust, error-free code. It can significantly save time spent on checking and validating PostgreSQL queries. All you need is just start typing, and all the errors detected will be highlighted. If you place your mouse pointer on the error, you will see the error explanation in the tooltip.

PostgreSQL Syntax Checker and Query Validator

Code completion

Leverage your scripting capabilities with the elaborate Code completion option. As you type your code, the automatically generated completion list appears. You just need to select the required value from the list and press Enter. Context-sensitive code completion significantly cuts your scripting time and amplifies your performance.

Enhance SQL code with PostgreSQL beautifier

Code snippets

Code snippets are frequently used standard pieces of code which you can insert into your script when working in Studio for PostgreSQL. They are displayed in the suggestion list together with keywords, table names, etc. based on the symbols you type. To insert a snippet, just choose it from the suggestion list or use smart tags. The option makes your coding fast and accurate and thus improves the speed of database development.

Modify code snippets using PostgreSQL code formatter


dbForge Studio for PostgreSQL has robust built-in capabilities for code formatting and PostgreSQL query beautifying. You can make your code clear and accurate without much effort. More than that, the PostgreSQL code formatter feature allows you to share formatting styles with other members of your team and thus enjoy common coding standards. All this functionality is provided in dbForge Studio for PostgreSQL along with other extremely useful database management tools and features.

dbForge Studio for PostgreSQL

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